Parent Forms

Below are forms that you may need and the descriptions of each. You may access the forms through the links provided or in the attachments below.
Faculty and staff are not to administer medication, prescription or non-prescription, of any kind to a student (Administrative Handbook of the Catholic Schools - Policy 5120). Students should not have any prescription and over-the-­counter medications in their possession at school or school events, including ibuprofen and Tylenol. 
If medication must be taken during the school day, the parent and doctor must complete and submit a consent form. Without a completed and signed form on file along with the doctors’ consent, medication of any kind will not be administered to the student. Emails, faxes, or parent/guardian phone calls cannot take the place of the form. The medication and consent form will be kept in the Main Office with Ms. Rita Scholl, and the student will be responsible for obtaining and taking the medication at that location at the appropriate time of the day.
Students may be authorized by a physician to carry and self administer Epinephrine Auto Injector (EAI) medication, diabetes medication, and inhaled asthma medication. Documentation signed by the parent/guardian must be on file in the main office for any medication that the office administers. In the few instances in which medicine must be taken by students during the school day, the principal shall designate a person(s) to be responsible for administering it. Written consent from both the parent(s)/guardian(s) and doctor shall be obtained. The doctor’s name, the name of the medicine, any adverse effects, the amount to be administered, the specific time of administering, and the expected duration of the treatment shall be marked clearly on the medicine container or doctor’s permission to administer. Over-­the-counter medications will comply with the school’s policy and required form(s) and must be in the original container.


Planned Absence Request
Family vacations are excused absences, but are not exempt. Please review the school calendar when planning vacations. Students missing more than six sessions of a class period within one quarter without prior authorization from the Dean's Office will receive a failing grade in that class for that quarter. To receive authorization, a completed Planned Absence Form must be completed and submitted to the Dean's Office two weeks in advance of a planned absence(s). Judge Memorial's attendance policy may be found in the Student-Parent Handbook. Keep in mind an authorized Planned Absence Form does not guarantee a passing grade in a class. 

Planned Absence for School Activity

Field trips and school travel for athletics and activities are a privilege. Absences for school-sponsored field trips and travel are exempt from the excessive absence rule, but the student is responsible for informing teachers of upcoming absences and for making up and learning the missed work. School activity absences of more than one day require the student to complete and collect signatures on the planned absence form. No student can leave campus for a field trip without a school approved permission form signed by a parent. Telephone permission cannot be substituted for a signed form.

All students participating in a school event must have a completed, signed, and submitted Field Trip Release form prior to the event or activity. Instructors or moderators of the activity will typically send these forms out well in advance of the scheduled activity.  
If transportation is provided, all students must travel with the team or group and the Field Trip Release Form WITH Transportation must be completed, signed, and submitted. There may be occasions when transportation is not provided by the school and students are responsible for obtaining their own transportation to and from the event. In this case the Field Trip Release Form WITHOUT Transportation must be completed, signed, and submitted. Parents/guardians have the option to either permit or deny their student's participation in the activity. This release form must be filled out and submitted regardless of the student's participation. Coaches or moderators cannot release a student through phone contact with the parent/guardian from an event nor release a student to another student for transportation.  

Student Transportation Consent & Release Form
Judge Memorial Catholic High School provides official transportation to and/or from practices, competitions, activities, etc., when feasible to do so (“Official Transportation”). When Official Transportation is provided, students involved or participating are required to travel by the school’s Official Transportation method. A student may be released from the Official Transportation method to travel with his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) so long as the parents/guardians first obtain the coach’s/moderator’s approval, and complete the Student Transportation Consent & Release Form. Approval must be obtained at least 24 hours prior to the trip. No student is ever to be released to travel by themselves or with anyone other than the primary parent/guardian on record. Coaches or moderators cannot release a student through phone contact with the parent/guardian from an event, nor release a student to another student for transportation.