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First Quarter Honor Roll

With the first quarter fully wrapped up now and grades finalized we have exciting news. There were 464 students on honor roll! That's roughly 78% of the student body! Our students are pushing themselves and putting in the work. The results highlight all of their tremendous work. Click above to see the list and number of students broken down by class.

What Alumni/Families Say About Judge

"In life, we all hope to make a difference in people's lives, and Judge has made the difference in the lives of three of our children...Judge's commitment to our children's progress reminded us of the worth of each soul, and mostly about how powerful and influential the role of mentors and positive role models can be. Judge affords students the opportunity to learn, develop, and blossom as scholars, artists, athletes, volunteers, and most assuredly, as human beings." ~ Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. and Mary Kaye Huntsman Former Governor and First Lady of Utah

What College & Universities Say About Judge

“Judge Memorial students always seem to know what questions to ask about the University of Utah and our admissions process. They continue to excel here at the University of Utah across all our academic departments and student groups. I find Judge Memorial students to be well equipped to be successful upon entrance to the University of Utah”.
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ACT Scores Are In!

The ACT scores have been released with impressive results for Judge Memorial! We are excited to announce the average composite score for the Class of 2018 exceeds both state and national benchmarks. Click above to see how Judge Memorial compares to the state and national averages.
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An Opportunity to Support Judge…an Opportunity for Free Tuition

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to support Judge and have the chance for one full year of tuition next year (2019-2020) or $5,000 cash - or even the chance to receive $1,000 in Maverik gas cards. Tickets are $30 each or four tickets for $100. The winners will be announced at this year's Gala on February 2nd but you need not be present to win.
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Academic Integrity: More Important Than Ever Due To Technology

While we are in an era where cellphones have become a big part of our lives, our tech-savvy students may be tempted to use their cellphones to cheat on assignments – homework or assessments.  Cheating is not new, and with our BYOD policy, allowing students to use their devices as a learning tool, students may have more opportunities to deceive their teachers.
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The 37th Annual Gala & Auction, A Night to Remember, Believe & Celebrate, is taking place on February 2 and the Gala Committee is currently looking for unique donations such as travel points, vacation/cabin stays, theater/concert tickets, etc. CLICK ABOVE for more details on our Donation Wish List and to submit your Donation Form online.

Our Mission

The mission of Judge Memorial Catholic High School is to create a community through faith and education that will foster the development of each student’s inherent gifts.

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