What Judge Alumni Say...

Don't just take our word for it, hear what Judge Alumni think about Judge Memorial...

"In life, we all hope to make a difference in people's lives, and Judge has made the difference in the lives of three of our children...Judge's commitment to our children's progress reminded us of the worth of each soul, and mostly about how powerful and influential the role of mentors and positive role models can be. Judge affords students the opportunity to learn, develop, and blossom as scholars, artists, athletes, volunteers, and most assuredly, as human beings."  
Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. and Mary Kaye Huntsman Former Governor and First Lady of Utah

"I would not be where I am today, personally and professionally, if not for 13 years of Catholic school education in the Diocese of Salt Lake City, made possible in large part by generous ecclesiastical support and scholarship opportunities. I'm grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward."
~ Benjamin Bombard Class of 1999

"Going to Judge was one of the best things I ever did. First, the academics at Judge were well above anything offered at other schools in the area. Most of my teachers had advanced degrees and unlike some of my friends in public schools, I never had an apathetic or bored-seeming teacher. Second, I made lasting friendships with the people in my class, but more importantly, Judge’s alumni network is amazing. I myself have contacted alumni in other cities when I needed recommendations on hotels or things to do, and more importantly when I was trying to decide where I wanted to go for graduate school. Finally, Judge’s reputation is very highly respected across the country. When I was interviewing for a position in Portland, the interviewer was from Utah and familiar with Judge. He told me I got the position because Judge students never let him down.  You’d be amazed how common interactions like that are in the workplace, with college admissions counselors, and even during graduate school interviews.”
~ Emily Strand, Class of 2012

"I have had the great opportunity to receive a great quality education offered at Judge, and this education has equipped me with tools for success in my future."
~ Aluwet Deng, Class of 2017

“The reason I chose Judge over any other school is it's a family tradition. This tradition turned out to be on of the best things I could of ever done. I have made lasting memories there and connections with people that I still have today. This family is always there to help each other. We push each other to do better and to get out of what is easy and try what is hard. This goes for everything there from academics to athletics to after school activities. I wouldn't call Judge an athletes school it's more of a scholar school. If you want the best in learning and academics you choose Judge. This has to do with the amazing faculty they have. They all want you to succeed and help you in every way they can. You make so many bonds with them and they are always there to help you even after graduation. I know I have gone back a few times for help in classes and on papers and they are always extremely excited to see you and help. This family of ours is great we are always there to help each other and we all can say we are Judge Alumni and part of the Judge family.”
~Vinny Fuoco, Class of 2012

"Judge Memorial students always arrive on campus prepared to succeed in the classroom, as well as the world beyond."
~ Mary Oliver, Class of 2017

"I didn't grow up expecting to go to Judge, in fact I didn't decide to go to Judge until about a week before classes started. That being said, I couldn't have made a better decision. It was because of Judge that I was able to travel to New York and attend Broadway plays with the theater department. It was because of Judge that I started college with a semester's worth of AP credit. And it was because of Judge that I made the lifelong friends that stand by me today. There is nothing comparable to Judge Memorial because no other school in Utah has the combination of academic rigor, strong community, and commitment to its students.”
~Will Christiansen, Class of 2012