Summer Opportunities: 2021

Judge Memorial’s 2021 slate of summer opportunities begins on Monday, June 7, 2021 and includes a variety of academic and enrichment courses to exercise the mind, body, and soul.  Any questions should be directed to Ms. Louise Hendrickson


Class sizes may be limited, so be sure to submit your registration early to assure your student a place. A confirmation of registration and student schedule will be mailed to you upon receipt of request and payment in full. Judge Memorial reserves the right to modify any offerings and to withdraw courses for which too few students register.  

1. Registration: Registration may be completed online through the below registration link. The exception is Driver's Training, which is coordinated directly through Wright Driving School. See more below. You will need to submit a separate registration form for each participant. Sign up early as space is limited for many of the courses. Judge Memorial reserves the right to modify any offerings and to withdraw courses for which too few students are registered. 


2. Payment: Payment is due at time of registration.   
NOTE: course fee(s) must be paid in order to complete your registration and guarantee your student's placement. 



For a list of Summer Sports Camps CLICK HERE



CAMP JM:  Jump into Judge Memorial!

July 26-30, Mon-Fri; 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Cost:  $150


Let’s get started, Class of 2025! Camp JM is designed to help ease the transition of new students to Judge Memorial and build confidence and excitement for high school. Students will form strong connections with their peers, explore the history and traditions of Judge, develop leadership skills, and gain strategies to work well with others in group settings.


If you think this is going to be five days of lectures and articles, then DO NOT SIGN UP FOR CAMP JM. We’ll be inside, we’ll be outside, we’ll be on campus and in the city! There will be games, challenges, speakers, skits, and more. You’ll learn so much about yourself and Judge at Camp JM, by the end of the week your parents will think you’re already a senior! Note: all students will still be freshmen at the end of Camp JM.


Students who attend Camp JM will have the opportunity to immediately apply for Judge Student Ambassadors, the official student hosts for all Judge Memorial recruitment and admissions events.


Instructor:  Mr. John Michael Pantlik, Staff



June 7-24, Mon-Thurs; 9:00 am-noon (approx) with some variation due to field trips 

Cost:  $285 (1/2 P.E. Credit)


Fitness for Life will be back in person this summer!  Students will explore how exercise, nutrition and healthy habits contribute to overall fitness by participating in activities and various self-study projects .  Activities will include participating in life-time physical activities, building a family health history, setting and tracking personal goals, and an examination of processed foods.  We will take advantage of summer weather by going on outdoor field trips - including hiking and disc golf.


Students must attend a Zoom planning meeting at noon on Wednesday, May 19.  All students must wear a mask during all activities.   If successful, this course completes .5 of the 1.5 required PE/Health credits. Students should plan to invest approximately 36-40 work hours in this course. Students may only have ONE absence if they are to pass the course.  Any student graduating in 2022-24 will have sign up priority.  


Instructor:  Coach Natalie Smith, Faculty



June 7-21, Mon-Fri; 10:00 am-2:00 pm*

Judge Memorial Fassio Weight Room

Cost:  $250 (1/2 P.E. Credit)


This course presents guidelines for individuals to improve their physical fitness by incorporating fitness, pre- and post-testing, weightlifting, ply-metrics, speed and agility training, along with health and diet guidelines. This class is open to grades 9-12.


* The weight room will be open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm so the student can fill their hour requirements on their own schedule. 


Instructor:  Coach Stan Finn, Staff



More details to come.



June 21-22, Mon-Tues; 9:00-12:00pm, Judge Memorial

June 23, Wed; 8:00-3:00pm, Provo River 

Cost: $100


This summer course will provide basic instruction for fly fishing.  The course will focus on casting techniques, knots, rigging, fly selection, and river etiquette.  We will learn to read water and develop an understanding of basic entomology.  For students ages 13-18 - all ability levels are welcome! Two days at the school and one day on the water.  


Gear:  Please bring your own fly rod and waders.  We can connect you with rental equipment if necessary.  


Instructor: Mr. Patrick Lambert, Principal


TO YOUR KITCHEN from the JM Cafeteria 

June 3-20, Mon-Thurs

Level I:  12:00-3:00 pm

Level II:  8:30-11:30 am  (Level II Prerequisite: Level I)

Cost:  $250 (1/2 Art Credit)


Levels I and II will be taught by Judge Memorial’s own master chef and faculty member Mr. Timothy Soran.  Learn to cook healthy and delicious meals, earn your own Chef’s Coat, and qualify to assist with special events and functions at Judge during the upcoming school year.  Say goodbye to boxed Mac & Cheese and hello to well-balanced, creative, epicurean delights!


Since this will be a virtual cooking class, you will also become more familiar with your kitchen at home.  Most of the materials used (spices, equipment, utensils) will already be available in your kitchen, but now you will know what they are and where they are.  The fee includes all training and tuition credit costs.  As one of our more popular summer classes, enrollment is limited to 25 students per level, and is open to students in grades 9-12.  For Level II there will be an optional “ServSafe” manager training class offered through Nicholas and Co,  Students will meet online over ZOOM from the Judge Cafeteria for 12 weekdays in June.   


Each Friday the week before, a menu (items/prep) and grocery list will be sent to each student.  The family may choose which items/meals they can afford to make, for dietary reasons, or premium vs. name brand.  This is up to the family.  Each menu item will be measured to have 4 servings, and with 3 items prepared each day, this could easily be used as the family dinner for that evening.  Cost of the weekly supplies should be around $60 per week.  We will also have a guest chef for one week. This guest will offer his expertise in cooking.


Instructor: Mr. Timothy Soran, Faculty



July 26- August 5, Mon-Thurs; 9:00-11:00 am

Cost: $160


This course is open to grades 9th, 10th, or 11th and aims to review and develop strong Algebra 1 skills while preparing for Algebra 2.  We will focus mainly on solving linear and second-order equations with a huge emphasis on solving by factoring, and using the quadratic formula. In addition we will review writing and working with equations of lines.  Students should already be comfortable working with one step, two step, and multi-step equations when entering this course.


Prerequisites: Must have already completed Algebra 1 and Geometry.

Required Materials: TI-83/TI-84 calculator or equivalent. 


Instructor: Ms. Kaycee Baye, Faculty


ADVANCED ALGEBRA 2 CONCEPT REVIEW for Potential Honors Students

June 7-24, Mon-Thurs; 9:00-11:00 am

Cost $250


This course is open to grades 9th, 10th, or 11th and aims to prepare students to move up to Advanced Algebra 2 Honors instead of just Algebra 2. During these weeks, we will review and learn the most pertinent information necessary to be ready to handle an accelerated Algebra 2 course. We will focus mainly on solving linear and second-order equations with a huge emphasis on solving by factoring, completing the square, and using the quadratic formula. Students should already be comfortable working with variables, solving with steps, and writing linear equations when entering this course. 


Prerequisites: Must have already completed Algebra 1 and Geometry.  Required Materials: TI-83/TI-84 calculator or something equivalent. 


Instructor: Mr. Connor James, Faculty




This course is designed to help students become more effective at learning and provide them with skills for success. Boost student study skills, gain confidence, meet new friends, and get comfortable with coming to Judge by joining us this summer. Don’t hit a dead end in skill development; developing skills is an ongoing life-long process.  To help you become a successful and strategic learner, sign up for the session that you know needs improvement and/or strengthening. 


Instructor for all classes: Ms. Dianna Pugh, Faculty 


Choose one or all of the following sessions. *Please note, if you take two sessions, the fee is $160; 3 sessions is $220 and if you take all four sessions the fee is $310.



June 7-10, Mon-Thurs; 9:00-11:00 am

Cost: $90*


Successful students share a range of key characteristics that distinguish them from marginally performing and nonperforming classmates. These students: 

  • Understand how success and failure are often linked-setting goals
  • Evaluate the importance of resilience and learning from mistakes and failures 
  • Identify and capitalize learning preferences, strengths, and natural aptitudes
  • Introduction to the Learning Management System (Canvas) used at Judge which includes tracking grades, uploading and downloading work, Google documents etc.
  • Manage time efficiently and creating a schedule
  • Plan ahead, using the Judge planner to record assignments
  • Organize study environment so it is effective

This session will work on thinking about and creating meaningful goals, setting SMART goals and identifying tactics for achieving objectives. Setting priorities, understanding ways to reinforce learning preferences, recording homework assignments accurately, and meeting deadlines are vital for success. Actively participating in the classroom and in the learning process can make a tremendous difference.  Creating a smart study environment, developing time management and balancing school with athletics and/or activities will be examined. Students can improve and get better in these areas and the payoffs are well-worth it.



June 14-17, Mon-Thurs; 9:00-11:00 am

Cost: $90*


Reading for many has become a passive event and a robotic habit of simply turning pages. Advanced reading comprehension and analytical thinking skills can be taught and improved. To acquire the following skills, students will acquire and learn skills that will enhance comprehension that have worked and can be adapted to their own learning styles. Students will learn to be actively engaged with the text and learn how to be a powerful reader. 

  • Identify important information
  • Differentiate main ideas from details
  • Understand underlying issues and concepts.
  • Critically evaluate content
  • Retain facts
  • Organize data
  • Recognize the connections between what students already know and what they are learning
  • Apply what is learned

Using techniques like the SQ3R method, mind-mapping and/or chunking material will be techniques used to teach students to be actively involved with their text and find important information.  This session will invite students to access how well they retain information and teach them steps for “chewing up” information that should improve comprehension. Additionally, students will learn some techniques to speed up their reading. Some students enter high school with strong memorization skills, but as students choose to take more challenging courses with new material,  some may need to use more strategic reading skills to process difficult text.



June 21-24, Mon-Thurs; 9:00-11:00 am

Cost: $90*


For many students, taking notes during class is a routine, and a mindless writing down of ideas never again to be looked over, except maybe right before the test. Sometimes students struggle with finding the important points and omit key points or simply write down everything. Notes lack organization, dates, headings and can seem useless. Students taking this session will work on taking notes effectively and using those notes as tools for studying and preparing for tests. 

  • A variety of note-taking styles will be introduced
  • Different styles of notes may be useful for different subjects
  • Using notes to create study guides and practice tests will be practiced
  • Understanding the curve of forgetting and how notes actually help retain information will be discussed. 

Each student has his or her own way of taking notes, but examining some other styles and mixing styles offers new ways to examine and learn material. Making charts, drawing ladders, and webbing are some strategies that work for grouping and chunking materials. The Cornell method provides a method for reworking notes and creating questions, cues, graphic organizers, and summaries of notes taken. Outlines and writing key ideas in sentences can be helpful for getting the key points. Some students learn by doodling ideas and drawing. This session will invite students to try new styles to take textbook notes as well as notes taken in class. Using notes to study for quizzes and tests will be practiced. 



June 28 - July1, Mon-Thurs; 9:00-11:00 am

Cost: $90*


Like organizational, reading and note-taking skills, tests scores can also improve. Reducing anxiety through preparation and relaxation methods can enhance performance, but there are also methods that can improve and maximize scores. Preparing for tests, reading directions, budgeting the time, looking over the entire test quickly before starting, looking for cues and examining point values for each section can make a difference. 

Skills unique to the following test formats will be examined:

    • Multiple choice questions
    • True or false Questions 
    • True or false Justify
    • Short Answer
    • Fill in the blank
    • Matching
    • Essays with passages or document based
    • Short answer questions/direction words
    • Quantitative or qualitative free response question
    • Argumentative essays

Studying efficiently and effectively throughout the coursework improves learning. Studying is a day to day event and then reviewing for tests. Doing this will help reduce anxiety and help the information soak deeper into the brain, making it easier to remember for a longer period of time. This session will provide some tips for reviewing for tests and hands on practice.  Also, some tricks and systematic ways to make sure that students do not make mistakes will be discussed. 


Payment: Payment is due at time of registration.   
NOTE: course fee(s) must be paid in order to complete your registration and guarantee your student's placement. 

What Are You Doing This Summer, Bulldogs?!