Sports Medicine

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[Kristen Murphy, Dallas Shipley, Jenny Zehner, George Angelo, and Dr. Leslie Golden]


JMCHS Sports Medicine Team

Director of Sports Medicine

            George Angelo, M.Ed, BS



Certified Athletic Trainers

            Jenny Zehner, MS, LAT, ATC



            Cade Coulter, MS, LAT, ATC


Athletic Training Students

            Dallas Shipley

            Kristen Murphy


Sports Medicine Physician

            David Petron, MD

            University Orthopedic Center


Orthopedic Surgeon

            Robert Burks, MD

            University Orthopedic Center


Orthopedic Surgical Fellow

            Leslie Golden, MD

            University Orthopedic Center


The Judge Memorial Catholic High School Sports Medicine Team is here to provide high quality healthcare to all student-athletes. The Sports Medicine Team is made up of multiple different healthcare professionals from University of Utah Health. The team includes a Sports Medicine Physician, an Orthopedic Surgeon, an Orthopedic Fellow, a Director of Sports Medicine, two Certified Athletic Trainers, and Athletic Training Students. The health and safety of your student-athlete is our main concern. Our responsibilities encompass the prevention, examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of emergent, acute or chronic injuries and medical conditions.


In addition, Judge Memorial Catholic High School has a Sports Medicine Program which is directed by Mr. George Angelo. Judge’s Sports Medicine Program offers three years of medical education classes. Sports Medicine I, offers an introduction to sports medicine and students achieve their Red Cross Emergency Response Certificate. Sports Medicine II, offers students a continuation of athletic training topics and development of a medical research capstone project. Sports Medicine III, is a National OEC class: Outdoor Emergency Care Certification. See Judge Academic listings for more details.


*We follow guidelines from UHSAA, Salt Lake City Diocese, University of Utah Health, and the National Athletic Trainer’s Association.





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More on Concussions in Sports: In a national study completed by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), concussions were the second most common injury among the country’s high school athletes after ankle sprains and strains. In addition, about 40% of those with concussions return to play before being cleared by qualified medical personnel. NFHS sport rule books for this year, as well as the UHSAA Handbook, will contain suggested guidelines for concussion management and administration. A free course on concussion management developed by the NFHS is available online and is an excellent resource. The 20-minute course provides education and instruction about concussions and the actions to take when a concussion is present. For the latest information regarding concussion in sports: NFHS Web site or the CDC Web site


Insurance Reminder: All athletes must carry a current insurance policy to participate in sports. For more details, please see Scott Platz, Director of Athletics.