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“The students at Judge Memorial tend to be some of the most college-prepared students in Salt Lake.  These students prove to be very competitive in selective admissions because of their access to a well-versed college counseling staff and a rigorous curriculum”.

Annie M. Chiorazzi '11
Assistant Director
Undergraduate Admissions
Brandeis University 

“My interaction with Judge Memorial and the students it produces has been nothing but positive. In addition to students who perform well in the classroom and on tests, I have found the students to be respectful, interesting, and serious about their college educations. It’s always a pleasure to visit the school on my recruitment journeys.”

Holly Murdock
Associate Director-Marketing & Communications
Colorado College

“Judge Memorial students always arrive on campus prepared to succeed in the classroom, as well as the world beyond. They are conscientious contributors to our mission of serving others and pursuing justice.”

Joe Bezousek
Associate Director of Admissions
Creighton University

“Judge Memorial students always seem to know what questions to ask about the University of Utah and our admissions process. They continue to excel here at the University of Utah across all our academic departments and student groups. I find Judge Memorial students to be well equipped to be successful upon entrance to the University of Utah”.

Patrick Jones
Senior Admissions Counselor
Office of Admissions
University of Utah

“In my experience, Judge Memorial students are well prepared serious students.  They have pride in their school and understand fully that Judge Memorial has prepared them well for the transition to college, which gives them great personal confidence moving forward.  In short, Judge Memorial students are exactly the kind of people that thrive at Whitworth University.”

Jason R Tobeck
Associate Director
Whitworth University