Uniform Standards & Options

The purpose of the school uniform is to:

  • create and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment
  • strengthen school community by focusing on intrinsic qualities and promoting a professional environment
  • avert offensive images and/or language, such as hate speech, profanity, pornography, violence, and use of drugs and alcohol
  • assure all students are treated equitably
  • promote a dress that displays respect for oneself in the image and likeness of God

The uniform standard at Judge Memorial is also intended to foster an environment that lends itself to serious study and interaction, and to dignify both the student and the school. Students are to appear neat, clean, and well groomed at all times while on campus and any time the student is wearing their uniform regardless of the time of day. Clothing must be in good repair free from holes, tears, or other damage and appropriate to the occasion. All articles of clothing not included in the Uniform Standards are prohibited. Please review the Student Parent Handbook for additional information regarding Judge Memorial's Dress and Grooming Standards

  • KHAKI  SHORTS must be purchased exclusively through Dennis Uniform Company. Khaki shorts are to be purchased in Junior or Adult size and the length may not be altered or rolled. The short length should come within two (2) inches of the knee and must sit at the natural waistline. Please allow for growth when purchasing the shorts.
  • KHAKI PANTS may be purchased at Dennis Uniform, Tommy Hilfiger, Old Navy, or GAP. Specific pant options may be found through the retailers websites (see links below) and must conform to the following guidelines:

    • Pants must be straight-legged or slim-fit
    • Pants must be worn with a belt
    • Pants may not have cargo pockets
    • Denim material is not an option

  • KHAKI SKIRT must be the khaki gabardine box pleat style skirt purchased at Dennis Uniform. The item number is 008680-931-068. The skirt must be no more than two inches above the knee. Skirts may not be rolled, hemmed or altered. Skirts may be worn with plain black, white, or navy blue opaque tights with no pattern or logos.
  • WHITE or BLUE OXFORD CLOTH SHIRT (required) with button down collar, long or short sleeve, with the embroidered Judge Memorial crest on the pocket must be purchased from Dennis Uniform Company. The shirt must be tucked into the pants or shorts neatly and at all times. Extra long shirts are available for taller students.
  • T­-SHIRTS worn under the shirt must be a solid white, without patterns or writing. T-­shirt sleeves must not extend beyond uniform shirt sleeves.
  • BELT(required) must be solid black, solid brown or solid tan/beige with a standard buckle. Belts must be worn through the belt loops of the pants or shorts.
  • JUDGE NAVY VEST, CARDIGAN SWEATER, V­ NECK SWEATER OR UNIFORM JUDGE JACKET (optional) with Christ the King logo, and can be purchased from the Judge Memorial Spirit Shop. Peer Ministry, Student Council, Student Ambassador, Letterman sweaters and jackets may also be worn. A uniform shirt must be worn under the uniform sweater or vest at all times and must be clearly visible. Sweatshirts are to be stored in the locker and not to be carried around or worn on waist or shoulders. No other jackets, sweatshirts, or coverings may be worn during school hours, except on Fridays.
  • SOCKS (required) Ankle, crew, or calf­ socks are the only acceptable lengths that may be any color or pattern, as long as they are appropriate to the academic setting and not offensive. Knee-length socks are to be solid black or solid white only with no pattern. Girls who elect to wear tights may wear solid black or solid white tights only with no pattern.
  • SHOES (required) must be closed at the toe and heel. These include flats, athletic shoes, and dress shoes. Unacceptable footwear includes but is not limited to sandals, slippers, moccasins, boots above the ankle with heels more than one inch, or flip flops.
Contact the Dean's Office at 801-­363-­8895, ext. 122 if you have questions regarding the Judge Memorial uniform.
Below are the retail vendors where you may purchase official Judge Memorial uniforms, accessories, and spirit wear.
Judge Memorial Spirit Shop
Contact Ms. Shannon Garside: sgarside@judgememorial.com


Dennis Uniform Company
3560 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Tommy Hilfiger 

Customer Service available in English and Spanish: 1-877-825-2860