Tuition & Fees

Making Judge Memorial Accessible To All Families

At Judge Memorial, we understand that a private, Catholic education is a gift that leads to a brighter future, and we know this gift represents a significant investment and commitment for any family. Judge Memorial works with families on a confidential, individual basis to ensure that qualified students are given every opportunity to attend our school.
We are proud that nearly 70% of Judge Memorial families receive some level of financial aid. We encourage all families to learn more about making a Judge education accessible.
Tuition and fees for Judge Memorial are determined by the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City in consultation with diocesan administrators, pastors, principals, and boards. These rates are typically determined in late January each year, and are published at that time. 
2021-2022 Tuition Rates
  • Tier 1, Cost to educate: $13,675 (Families are given the opportunity to choose this rate, which is the standard tuition plus a $1,225 donation)
  • Tier 2, Standard tuition: $12,450
  • Tier 3, Catholic rate: $10,950
  • Tier 4, Need-based: Families complete a Financial Aid application and awards are distributed based on available funds.
Additional Fees
  • Registration Fee: $600 (all students)
  • New Student Fee: $100 (only charged once during the first semester a student is enrolled)
  • Graduation Fee: $150 (rising seniors only)
  • Other costs vary and are dependent on each student's involvement (athletics, AP classes, bussing, etc.)
2021-2022 Tuition Contracts and Payment Plans
Judge Memorial requires all families to compete their tuition contracts and payment plans online. All tuition is payable only through FACTS Management Company by automatic withdrawal, either monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or one-time. All families must establish a FACTS Payment Plan, regardless of which payment option they will utilize.
Enrollment Timeline
Incoming and returning families are able to complete the enrollment process in March through their Parent Portal. Enrollment must be completed in order for a student to reserve their spot for the 2021-2022 school year and register for classes.
For any questions, please contact our Finance Office at 801.517.2125 and we will be happy to assist.