Academics » Summer Reading and Assignments: 2018

Summer Reading and Assignments: 2018

Summer Plans? R-E-A-D, Bulldogs, R-E-A-D!

Get started on those summer assignments, Bulldogs! Summer reading is required for all Judge Memorial Catholic High School students, including members of the incoming ninth grade class. A student's critical reading skills are fundamental to academic success and essential to continued success in college. Reading builds a student's vocabulary and comprehension skills, enhances communication skills, and improves writing abilities. Parents are encouraged to enjoy this summer reading along with their students.  

You may order the summer reading books through MBS Direct by clicking the link below.

All summer reading should be completed by August 13, 2018.

The 2018 required Summer Reading List for Judge Memorial Catholic High School students may be updated as necessary. Check back for updates and additions. 

English 12 Required Reading (1406 & 1407)

  • Aftershock, by Robert Reich, ISBN: 978-0345807229
  • On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King, ISBN: 978-1439156810

English 11 Required Reading (1303 & 1304)

  • Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer, ISBN: 385486804
  • The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls, ISBN: 978-0-7432-4754-2

English 10 & English 10 Honors Required Reading (1205 & 1204)

  • The Old Man Who Read Love Stories, by Luis Sepulveda, ISBN: 978-0156002721
  • Life of Pi, by Yan Martel, ISBN: 978-0-15-602732-8
English 10 Honors students are to read the two books above AND …
  • Frankenstein: or the Modern Prometheus, by Mary Shelley / Maurice Hindel,
    ISBN: 978-0-14-143947-1
  • American Born Chinese, by Gene Luen Yang, ISBN: 978-0-312-38448-7

English 9 & English 9 Honors Required Reading (1105 & 1106)
  • I Am Malala, by Malala Yousafzai, ISBN: 978-0316322409
  • My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry, by Fredrik Backman, ISBN: 978-1-5011-1507-3
English 9 Honors students are to read the two books above AND …
  • The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri, ISBN: 978-0002259019
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AP Calculus AB & AP Calculus BC Required Assignment (3404 and 3405)
  • In Canvas, select pages from the navigation on the left then select view all pages. The summer assignment will be listed. Download the review packet and assignment.  
  • Complete the review packet and assignment. The assignment is due the first day of class. Students are also to memorize the unit circle and trig identities. There will be a memorization quiz the second day of school.
  • Email questions or concerns to Mrs. Bills,

Chemistry and AP Chemistry Required Assignment (4212 & 4310)
  • Students in Chemisty and AP Chemistry for the coming year have a super fun homework assignment! AP Chemistry assignment is worth 50 points
  • And Yes!, it is due on the first day of classes, Monday, August 13, 2018. 
  • View the summer assignment on Dr. Ayton's website:
  • Email questions or concerns to Dr. Gary Ayton,
AP English in Composition & Language Required Reading (1421)
AP English in Literature & Composition Required Reading (1321)
  • Oryx and Crake, by Margaret Atwood, ISBN: 385721676
  • House on Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros, ISBN: 978-0-679-73477-2
  • All the Pretty Horses, Cormac McCarthy, ISBN: 978-0-679-74439-9
  • Email questions or concerns to Mr. Matt Pacenza, 

AP European History Required Assignment
  • Students enrolled in Dr. Savage's AP European History course are to view the summer assignment HERE or in the file attachments below.
  • Email questions or concerns to Dr. Paul Savage,
  • Cracking the AP European History Examination 2018, ISBN: 978-1-5247-1009-5
AP Psychology Required Reading & Assignment (2713)
For summer reading, read ONE book from the list below and take two or more pages of notes on items of interest. You will take an open-notes quiz on the book during the first week of school. If you do not do the summer reading (ONE BOOK), you could potentially be dropped from the course. You can buy your selected book through MBS Direct, or you can get it from a library. Assuming you read the book, you need only your NOTES from your reading to do well on the quiz.

SUMMER READING CHOICES (choose one, any edition, take at least two pages of notes) 
  • Animals in Translation, by Temple Grandin (ISBN: 0156031442)
  • This is Your Brain on Music, by Daniel J. Levitan (ISBN: 0452288525)
  • Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, by John J. Ratey (ISBN: 0316113514)
  • Future of the Mind, Michio Kaku (ISBN: 0307473341) 
  • Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell (ISBN: 9780316010665)
Additionally, students will need to have a copy of the book Forty Studies that Changed Psychology, 7th edition, by Roger Hock before school begins in the fall. This paperback is available at the MBS Direct website, or you can buy or borrow a copy from a current psych I/psych II or AP psych student. This book is used by all psychology students. Once school starts, AP students will be directed to rent the course textbook from Flatworld for the year. Contact Ms. Eve Greenlie, if you are unable to obtain a copy. 

Honors Physics Required Assignment (4331)
  • Students enrolled in Honors Physics are to view the summer assignment HERE or in the file attachments below. 
  • Early submissions are encouraged.
  • Email questions or concerns to Dr. Stephanie Atherton,
Spanish III Honors Required Assignment (5309)
*For incoming freshman students placed directly into Spanish III honors
  • Complete the workbook entitled, Leveled Vocabulary and Grammar Workbook, guided practice, Realidades 1, ISBN: 013369268x
  • Complete just the guided practice side without the pages named LECTURA and PRESENTACION ESCRITA
  • Email questions or concerns to Ms. Aida Shepherd,

Spanish III Honors Required Assignment (5309) 
*For incoming Sophomores and Juniors who completed Spanish I and skipped Spanish II to enroll in Spanish III Honors
  • Complete the workbook entitled, Leveled Vocabulary and Grammar Workbook, guided practice and core practice Realidades 1, (this is two books in one) ISBN: 013369268x
  • Complete both sides of the book (guided practice and core practice) starting on chapter 4A thru the end of the book. If you have completed Spanish I, don't do the first three units. In the guided practice side, skip the pages named LECTURA and PRESENTATION ORAL.
  • Email questions or concerns to Ms. Aida Shepherd,
AP US History Required Reading & Assignment (2302)
  • 10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed Americaby Steven M. Gillon, ISBN: 978-0-307-33934-8
  • Summer assignments are located on Canvas. Information for access was sent to students via Canvas. Please contact Ms. Jensen at if you did not gain access.

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