Summer Camps & Opportunities: 2020

Judge Memorial Catholic High School's 2020 slate of summer opportunities begins on Monday, June 8, 2020 and includes a variety of academic and enrichment courses to exercise the mind, body, and soul. Please note, due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, the following summer opportunities will be virtual instruction or distance learning. Class sizes may be limited, so be sure to submit your registration early to assure your student a place. A confirmation of registration and student schedule will be mailed to you upon receipt of request and payment in full. 

1. Registration: Registration may be completed online through the below registration link. The exception is Driver's Training, which is coordinated directly through Wright Driving School. See more below. You will need to submit a separate registration form for each participant. Sign up early as space is limited for many of the courses. Judge Memorial reserves the right to modify any offerings and to withdraw courses for which too few students are registered. 


2. Payment: Payment is due at time of registration.   
NOTE: course fee(s) must be paid in order to complete your registration and guarantee your student's placement. 

Questions or concerns should be directed to Mrs. Louise Hendrickson at



Judge Memorial  Cross Country Summer Program

The High School program is for all incoming Freshman and above who plan to run cross country in the fall.  The Jr. High program is for anyone in 6th-8th grade who would like to come run with us over the summer.

Schedule-Starting June 15th and goes all summer long until school starts at Judge.

  • High School runners including incoming freshmen will meet 5 days a week Monday-Friday
  • Those going into 6th-8th Grade Meet 4 days a week Monday-Thursday
  • Locations vary and Coach Heideman will send an email each Sunday letting everyone know the locations for the week.
  • Due to the coronavirus we will not actually do any runs in Salt Lake City until the city goes to yellow.  Under orange we can not have any more than 10 people at a time. Under yellow we are allowed 50 people.  15-30 is a typical group size.


Mondays 7:00 PM Usually Murray Park

Tuesdays 7:00 AM Usually at Judge when SLC is yellow.

Wednesdays 7:00 PM Usually at Sugarhouse Park when SLC is Yellow

Thursdays 7:00 AM Usually Wheeler Farm

Fridays We will NOT be Meeting at Einstein's Bagels at the current time. We need to avoid carpooling and we should not be just hanging out at the bagel shop close to other customers.  I know this is our traditional Friday run and if we can add it later in the summer we will.  So we will  Start the summer meeting at 7:00 AM and likely be doing our runs along the Jordan River Parkway or other various locations.  If things change we may add the Canyon runs and bagels later.  If we do we would need to move to 6:30 AM.


Cost is $145.00 for High School Runners and $120.00 for Jr. High Runners.


Covid 19 Precautions-Please plan to arrive at each practice 10 minutes early for the screening process.  I will Screen starting 10 minutes before each practice is to start and go until 5 minutes after the practice is to start.  Please do not arrive late because I will be putting the screening equipment away to get the group started.  It will be a huge disruption if I have to then get stuff out just to screen late arrivals.

  • Each runner will have their temperature taken with a no touch infrared thermometer and be asked a series of questions regarding any recent symptoms or exposure. If they have a temp of 100.4 or over or have been having recent Covid 19 symptoms the parents will be called and they will not be allowed at practice.
  • I will wear a mask to do the screening and each runner should arrive with a mask and keep it on until they have been screened.
  • In the past, it was common practice to put water bottles and other personal items in my car while we were running.  I will ask that anyone driving themselves keep those items in their own vehicle.  Anyone who is dropped off by a parent needs to have a bag to keep those items in if they need to put them in my car.  I will try to keep some plastic grocery bags just in case.  However, if I run out and you do not have a bag, you will need to find somewhere else to keep your belongings. I will not be responsible for anything of your personal belongings.  Please do not leave them in my car after practice or they could be thrown away.

Please show up to practice with the following:

  • A good pair of running shoes.
  • A comfortable running outfit-please understand that weather can change so it is good to be prepared.
  • Water bottle
  • A wristwatch with a stopwatch-we do a lot of things by time and runners need to have this.  It is hard to be a competitive runner with your phone on you and they are not allowed in races. You do not need a fancy GPS watch but you can have one if you want.  Just something with a stopwatch feature will do.

Attendance-I encourage everyone to attend as often as they can.  I understand that there are many things going on in the summer which may make it so someone is not able to attend. There are no penalties for missing in the summer.  However, anyone expecting to be on the Varsity High School team during the fall really needs to make a genuine effort to get to as many as possible and communicate with me if they will be missing. I will work with anyone if they need to miss but would still like to have the workouts when they are gone to train on their own.

Schedule starting June 15



TURBO CHARGE YOUR STUDY SKILLS for HIGH SCHOOL: $200  **(Distance Learning)**  Boost your study skills, meet new friends, and get comfortable with coming to Judge by joining us this summer. Don’t hit a dead end in your skill development; developing skills is an ongoing process. Join us as we use the Study Max Program to help you become a fully engaged learner and a more successful student. Through interactive lessons you will evaluate and complete a personal skills profile, interpret your responses, list your goals, and reflect on your standard operating system for studying. Identify your learning strengths and your intelligence type. Your organization, time-efficiency and learning environment will also be examined. The core of time will be spent on Turbo-Charging Reading and Studying; every student should benefit from this section. You will learn how to read faster (speed reading), improve reading comprehension, take effective textbook and class notes, recall facts and learn to anticipate what is likely to be on tests. You will also work on writing well-organized essays. There is a payoff for doing well in school - more options for your future.
June 8-25, Monday-Thursday from 8:00-9:30am

CLASS IS FULL - FITNESS FOR LIFE: $280 (1/2 PE CREDIT) **(Distance Learning)** Fitness for Life Summer 2020 is going online! In order to ensure that Fit for Life can happen this summer, Coach Smith has developed an exciting, online curriculum. Students will explore how exercise, nutrition and a healthy attitude contribute to overall fitness.  Projects will include building a family health history, setting and tracking personal goals, and an examination of processed foods.  Students should plan to do a 30 minute online training and a five minute meeting (online) with Coach Smith between May 13 and May 29 to set project goals. This will allow enough time for data collection for personal projects. Students will then be on their own until class is live, June 15-June 26 (Mon-Friday). When class is live, students will attend 6 online meetings (Zoom) and complete various projects which will be assigned and collected via Canvas.  You will need computer and internet access for this class. If successful, this course completes .5 of the 1.5 required PE/Health credits. Students should plan to invest approximately 36 hours in this course, which includes physical activity time of one hour per day. Mandatory pre-class check in before June. Live meetings online Mon, Wed and Friday 10am-noon June 15-26. Work on your own Tuesdays and Thursdays. *Registration Now Closed - Fitness For Life is Full*


Culinary Arts, Levels I and II, -- From your computer and in your kitchen -- Chef Soran **(Distance Learning)** Welcome everyone! We will be doing things a bit differently this year.

Students will be Distance Learning So you will need access to a computer or

ChromeBook with a camera, reliable WiFi, and a Home Kitchen

Cost - Usually, the cost of supplies is added to the cost of tuition, but because students will receive a supply list on the Friday before the next week of instruction, they will need to purchase their own groceries. This drops the price of the course credit to $250.

Enrollment In order to justify the time and expenses of this class, 10 students must be enrolled (in either Culinary I or II). There will be a maximum of 25 students total.

Limited Number of Days - Normally, the course would be 12 days, approximately 2.5 hrs each day. We will only be meeting 8 days (Monday - Thursday) starting on June 15th and

concluding on June 25th. These will be the days that you will need to utilize your kitchen.

How To Videos Chef Soran will be creating 20 different How to ...” videos that students will watch the week before instruction begins. These have simple tasks like safety and sanitation, to explaining how to use kitchen appliances.

Students will do AT HOME WORK over the weekends Starting on Friday, June 12th, students will receive a list of ingredients to be used for the next weeks instruction. These groceries (anything not already in your kitchen) can be purchased on the weekends or the day before each class. These supplies should not be more than $40 per week. This time will be added towards the final semester hours.

Cooking and preparing for your FAMILY These can be filmed nightly, but preferably on Friday Sunday. Chef Soran would like you to prepare at least 2 meals per week, record (using pictures or video from cellphones) your ingredients, your final product, and your familys critique. Email these to Soran by Sunday nights. This will keep the integrity of the Semester Hours to receive 1/2 Fine Art Credit on JM transcript.

Access to CANVAS and ZOOM Conferencing - Each student (as well as myself) will need to have an ACTIVE CANVAS ACCOUNT from June 15th - June 30th. Chef Soran will email the weekly links over the weekend prior. Current Judge Students will use their Student JM email accounts to access the ZOOM links. Incoming Judge Students will need to include an active email account when they register for the course.

Use of the JM Cafeteria and Kitchen Area - This will be only used for teacher instruction. No students will be taught on site, but rather its provides a wide open area for Chef Soran, it is well lit, and has reliable WiFi access.

Curriculum There will be 8 (+2 additional) lessons for the class. Each will have a central

theme or type of cuisine. Beginning with boxed or ready made items, then into Italian, Continental American, Mexican, French, Asian, Hors d'voures, Picnic and at Home
BBQ. Each theme will be listed on CANVAS the week before, with a grocery/supply list, the highlighted instruction for the day (i.e. safety, sanitation, chopping, sautee, etc.), and the menu/recipes for that day. Students will make their items, as I am making my items. We will try to do at least 3 items for each day.

June 15-25, Monday-Thursday


DRIVER’S TRAINING: $280 **Registration must be done online directly with Wright Driving School at
Get in the driver’s seat Bulldogs! This course will consist of the two following State requirements: (A) nine two-hour classes which will include lectures, video instruction, and a variety of learning activities, (B) six hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction/training and observations. (Driving instruction needs to be completed within one year of taking the Drivers Ed class.) **Students must attend all class sessions to receive credit.** Check your calendar for any conflicts. Students must be at least 15 years old to enroll in this program. Classwork will take place at Judge Memorial Catholic High School. Behind-the-wheel instruction will be contracted through Wright Driving School, LLC. Wright Driving School is accredited and approved through the state of Utah. 
June 8-18, Monday-Friday from 8:00-10:00am

College Application Bootcamp **Class is Full** (ONLINE ONLY)

To take online, contact Ms. Sawaya at

August 10-11, 13, Mon-Tues & Thurs 1:30-3:00 pm
Cost: $135

This intensive workshop will assist seniors complete a bulk of the college application before school starts. Ms. Koles and Ms. Sawaya will help you:

• guide you through the common application requirements • finalize college lists
• teacher/counselor recommendations
• complete senior brag sheet


Writing The College Essay **Class is Full** (ONLINE ONLY)

To take online, contact Ms. Sawaya at

August 10-11, 13, Mon-Tues & Thurs 3:00-4:30 pm
Cost: $135

Immediately following the Bootcamp, Ms. Koles and Ms. Sawaya will help you write a great college essay which can be a daunting task. It is often the scariest part of the admission process, but it doesn’t have to be. The workshop is designed to help students create a strong draft version or final version of the admissions essay that they will submit to colleges.


For questions, please contact Ms. Scholl in the Counseling Office at or 801.517.2141.

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More detailed descriptions of each course are available at:

Payment: Payment is due at time of registration.   
NOTE: course fee(s) must be paid in order to complete your registration and guarantee your student's placement. 

What Are You Doing This Summer, Bulldogs?!