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Sponsors and Donors

Thank you for supporting Judge Memorial’s
2019 Annual Gala and Auction

Together we raised over $209,000!


Thank you to our many wonderful Auction sponsors:



Jerry Seiner Dealerships/CBIZ


Big D Construction

Diamonds Direct

Jones Waldo Attorneys

 Thomas & Andrea Kendell

Rey & Lillie Butcher

Fred & Becky Duberow and
Sonny & Kathy Tangaro

Jennifer Sherman Real Estate

Bob & Cathy Lambert

Mechanical Service & Systems

Salt Lake Volleyball Club and
Dan & Kiera Powers

Sparano & Mooney Architecture

Jim Scarcelli ‘87 & Melina Sperling Scarcelli ‘88 and
Dan '88 & Jeannie Overman

Jerry Anderson & Gina Gregovich
Laura Gibbons
Jeff & Jodi Gross
Matt & Leslie Morton
Joel & Bonnie Kittrell
Brent & Heather Lloyd
Melanie Lyon
Julie Sibthorp
John & Tracey Valentine 
Greg & Connie Woods
Cody & Selena Young 


Individual Supporters of Judge Memorial

Mark and Laura Aberton

Adam and Allison Achter

Eric and Patricia Achter

Lisa Ackerman

Skip Acosta

Chelsie Acosta

Arnold and Joyce Acosta

Adam T. Acosta

Cody Adams

Mary Jo Ahlin and Dane Falkner

Michael Ahlin

Michael Albo

Dominic Albo

Dominic and Ginny Albo

John and Nymfa Allem

Roland and Patti Allen

William and Elizabeth Allen

Nikki Alvarez

Laurie Anderson

Gram Gram Anderson

Tad Anderson

Jerry Anderson and Gina Gregovich

Dahlia Ang

Julian Anigbogu


Michael Arriola

Dean and Beth Athens

Ben and Rie Attridge

Rick and Nancy Augustine

Barbara Aunt

Annette Ausseresse

Raquel and Jedd Austin

Brett and Michelle Backman

William and Rhonda Bader

Benjamin Bailey

Katie Bailey

Bruce M. Baird

Frederick Baker

Bill and Joanne Baker

Leah H. Baker

Lance Ball

Michael Bapis

Dr. Carole Baraldi

Mary L. Barber

Gerald and Nancy Barber

Bob Barber

Douglas and Nancy Bardugon

Thomas Bardugon

Douglas and Jill Barnhart

Camille G. Barraclough

Connie Bartholomew

Jennifer Bass

Jeff & Shawna and Shawna Beaudry

Zach and Kelley Beaudry

John and Terry Becker

Matthew Becker

Brian and Sarah Behle

Zak Bell

Anne Marie and Dennis Bellew

Ivor and Carol Benjamin

James Bennett

Bill and Vicki Bennion

Wade and Marcey Bennion

Carl Benvegnu

John and Bernadette Benvegnu

Sidney and Charlene Bereskin

Shirley Berg

Susan Berman

James and Jo Berry

Barbara Berry

Louise Best

Michael M. Bettin


Jerry and Susan Bilanzich

Kate and David Bills

Rev. Monsignor Colin F. Bircumshaw

Tyler Bissett and Stella Marquez

Adam and Patty Blaszczak

Drake and Alicia Bloebaum

Thomas and Catherine Bobbe

Sonja Boirie

Ben R. Bombard

Brent Bonny

Sommer Borz

Marie Bott

Christopher L. Bourne

Kathleen Bourne

Monica Bradac

Wesley and Gary Brady-Peart

Nancy Brandes

Richard and Grace Brandt

Lisa Brashear

Susan and Todd Brashear

Richard Brashear

William and Susan Brass

Clara and Paul Brennan

Christine Brent

Robert and Patricia Brett

Christine Brightwell

Katy and Erin Brimhall

Pat and Linda Brimmer

Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Brooke

Richard Brown

Kenneth and Veola Burchett

Michele Burdick

Dana Burnett

Bruce Burnett

Diane Burns

Dominic Burns

Mary and James Burris

Alison C. Butler

Kisha Bynoe

Jerry and Jan Byrne

Maria Cadart

Lynn Callahan

Margaret Callahan

Thomas and Shirley Callanan

Rachael Camden

Carolyn Campbell

Jennifer Cannady and Richard Sterling

Anthony J. Caputo

Cathy Caputo Hoskins

Pamela Caputo-Noetling

Thomas and Shauna Carl

Katherine Carlson and Peter Frech

Maureen and Bob Carlson

Angela and Ray Carter

William and Kristina Causse

Robert Cavill

Ronald and Denise Cazares

Steve and Meg Chambers

Beth Chardack

Mike Charnholm and Linnea Lundgren

Alethia Chatzis

Tiehua Chen

Sandra Christiansen

Colin Chummers

Andy and Lynn Cier

Audrey Cisneros

Louis J. Cisz

Pat and Mary Clark

Jim Clarken

Heather and James Claus

Greta Clay

Susan and Mike Clinton

Bryan Close

Nerida and Kacy Cluff

Daniel and Melissa Clyne

Natalie Coakley

Jason and Jennifer Cockle

Dan Colangelo

Anthony and Susan Cole

Miranda Collard

Dave and Heather Colling

Sean and Sarah Collins

Cindy Collins

Howard and Paula Colman

Martin and Elinor Colman

Connie Colosimo

Kevin and Rebecca Condas

Lawrence and Marlyn Conti

Kevin and Lori Cook

Janet M. Cook

Jen Cook

Andrew Corbato and Susan Bratton

Gilbert Cordova

John and Victoria Cordova

Marleen and Richard Corey

Santiago and Nancy Coronado

Emily Coronado

Cristina Coronado

R Lee Cotter

Jerry and Gerry Coupe

Patrick and Kristin Craddock

Marc and Mary Cremer

Mike Criquelion

Noemi Cruz

Lisa Carricaburu and Robert Maxfield

Michael and Lisa Curtin

Patricia Curtis

William and Amy Cutting

Chris Cymerman

Riza Darling

Gwen Davis

Kelli Davis

Kendra Davis

Amy Davis and Butch Adams

Russ and Donna Davoren

Deepika de Silva

Traci Dean

Mary DeBernard Burbank

Sarah W. and Hans J. Dellenbach Jr.

Guy and Patricia DeLong

Lee and Carolyn Dever

Nichole DeVore

Linda and Rich Dewhirst

Reverend Martin Diaz

Edward and Carol Diener

Steve and Vicky DiGregorio

Debora DiNardo

Joanie and Russell Dobesh

Gary and Kirsten Dodge

Sandy and Anne Dolowitz

Carroll and Ruth Dolson

Mike and Maura Domeier

Joanne and Michael Douglas

Charles and Kristine Dover

Becky and Fred Duberow

Patricia DuBois

Richard and Susan Dudley

Christina and Cole Dunnick

Michael and Beverly Dusserre

Judith A. Eagan

Michael and Karen Edson

Kathryn A. Ehresman

Patricia Eisenman

Sean Elder

Sherri Ellis

Ari Elorreaga

Debbie and Marshall Empey

Cecilia Espinoza

Tylan Espinoza

Danny and Nancy Essary

John and Lin Eugster

Mike Evans

Judy and Gary Evans

Larry and Susanne Fagot

Ron and Mary Ann Fakler

Roger and Carol Fallon

Lynda Farnsworth

Robb Farr

Cindy Fey

Rev. Monsignor J. Terrence Fitzgerald

Monique Fitzpatrick

Jessie and Taya Flores

Tanya Florin and Heath Chung

Chelise Floyd

Hannah Flynn

Eddie Fok

Casey and Carly Foley

John Forsberg

Kristie Fortson

Robert and Magdalene Foster

Eugene Francisco

Madeline Francisco-Galang and Romeo Galang

Armando Frausto

Randi Frausto

Lisa Frausto

Family Frech

Don and Theresa Fredericks

Karen Freed

Marsha Fryer

Hily Fuchs

Michael and Nancy Fuoco

Hailey G

David Gagnon

Midge Galeazzi

Victor and Elvia Galindo

Joseph and Maureen Gallegos

Maureen and Joe Gallegos

Mickey Gallivan

Donald Jay Gamble

Rick and Corinna Garcia

Rudy Garcia

Greg Gardner

Kim and Christy Gary

Jennifer and William Gaskill

Richard and Rose Mary Gaspari

Irma and Emiro Geraldino

Shiban and Silvia Ghabash

Jenifer and Mike Gibbons

Lauren Gillespie

Philip Gissen

Lisa Gladstone

Barbara Gleave

Dr. Gerald Gleich and Dr. Kristin Leiferman

Jim Gohl

Kelly Gohl

Vernetta Gohl

Catherine Goodrich

Joyce Gorrell

Mike Gorrell and Kathleen Brown

Voula Gougousis

Chris Graham

John Green

John and Linda Green

Garold and Jeramie Green

Timothy and Clara Gribben

Arthur and Margo Griffin

Gerald F. Griffin

Christopher B. Griggs

Jefferson and Jodi Gross

Kraig and Judy Grubaugh

Pamela Grubaugh-Littig and William Littig

Melissa and Kurt Guseman

Jason Gutierrez and Lori Powell

Berenice Gutierrez

Andrew H

Erin H

George Haddad

Bassam Haddadin and Lara Dean

Karla Hadfield

Ruth Hadinger

Tom Hadinger

Bernard and Judith Hale

Margaret Hall and Jerry Lanchbury

Jon and Marci Hall

William and Susan Hall

Neely Hammond

Susan Hand

Russ and Susan Hand

Peter and Beth Hanlon

Paul and Joy Hansen

Vauna Hansen

Lisa and Trudy Hardin-Reynolds

Anne and Ron Harvey

Candi Hayden

Bernadette Hayes

Laura Hazel

Richard and Kori Hazel

Bryan and Dee Heath

Mary K. Heath Meyer

Joe and Kathleen Hebert

Mark and Mary Heckle

Mary and Jason Heideman

Rebecca M. Herold Moore and D. R. Moore

Victor Herrera

Chris Herschlag

Natalie J. Hickman

Zachary and Pamela Hildebrand

Benton and Marilyn Hildebrand

Catherine Hill

Paul T. Hill and Alice Helldoerfer

Warren and Pamela Hill

Denise Hill

Steve and Connie Hillis

Dean and Rise Hirabayashi

Bik F. Ho

Q Hodges

David and Sue Hoeppner

Robyn Hoffman

Nancy Hogarty Baker and Lew Baker

Mindy and Gregory Holbrook

Mark and Theresa Holden

Beth Hollingshead

Douglas and Janann Holmes

Richard A. Holmes

Courtney Holub

Greg Hopkins

Laura Horn

Susie and Barry Horne

Tina Hose-Sumner and George Sumner

James and Suzanne Housinger

Brent and Lori Howa

Monica Howa-Johnson and Brent Johnson

David and Paula Howe

Candice Howell

Peter and Rhea Hristou

Bob and Valerie Huelskamp

Ellen Huff

John and Carol Huffman

William and Margaret Humeniuk

Dan and Jackie Humiston

Mary Beth Humiston


Angela Hummel

Craig and Gretchen Hummel

Doug and Jane Hunsaker

Betsy Hunt

James and Marianne Huntsman

Art Hurtado

Rebecca Hyde and Craig Shane

Mary Hyland

Midge Iccabazzi Galeazzi

Lyn and Harold Isbell

James and Sandy Ivers

Sam J

Roger and Lisa Jackson

Eric Jacobsen and Nikki Whye

Hart Jacobsen and Josey Jacobsen

Nate Jacobsen

Margaret and Robert Jahries

Laura Jarvis and Gregory T. Horn

Bryan and Nicole Jeffreys

Sara Jensen

Nikol Jensen

Mike Jensen

Russell and Joann Jex

Daniel and Tiffini John

Bob Johnson

Linda Johnson

Brian Johnson

Diona and Dick Johnson

Kathie Johnston

Frank and Pam Joklik

Paul Joklik

Daniel and Jane Jones

Charlotte Jones

Eleanore and Ronald Jorgensen

Joseph Joseph

Sean Julian

Ned and Judy Julian

Nicholas K

Gerald and Dorothy Kaffer

Ryan Kain

Connie S. and Jack Kaleel

Marie Kane

Lisa Katz

Jim and Maggie Kearns

Roberta J. Keating

Wesley and Jean Keller

Robert Keller and Lindsey Ferrari

Michael and Martha Kelly

Ray Kelly

Carolyn Kelly

Ingrid Kelson

Curtis C. Kennedy and Lynne P. Kennedy

Elizabeth Kepinski

Tam C. Keung

Mina Kim

Hilary Kimes

Kristina Kindl

Vicki and Gene Kinney

Betty and Wayne Kirk

Kadin Kirk

Annette Kirts

Catherine and Frank Kiser

Joel and Bonnie Kittrell

Kris and Mike Kladis

Jim and Hermione Klekas

Eric and Brigitte Klement

Steve and Sharon Klusman

Debbie and Robert Knutsen

Andrew and Lorraine Kocik

Irene E. Kramer and Rabbi Scott Kramer

Julie Kretschmar

Denise Kruse

Jeffery and Marjorie Kutterer

Joseph Kwong and Stephanie Wong

Kit Kwong

William Kwong

Mike L'Etoile

Robert and Cathy Lambert

Jeff Lambert

Brendan and Susan Lane

Edward and Marilyn Larrabee

Jimmy Larsen

Marcie Larson

Shereen Larson

Janice LaSalle

Lorrinda Lattimore

Jean Lauton

Harriet Lawrence

Joyce Laya

Darold and Patti LeClaire

Diane and Geoffrey Lee

Howard and Nancy Lemcke

Melinda Lemke

David and Mindy Leo

Frank and Sarah Leonard

Kathleen and Frank Leonard

Andrew and Shauna Leonard

James Leonelli

Ryan Lewis

Stephen Lewis and Collette Ausseresses

Beth and Wesley Lewis

Marita Lewis

Joe and Jennifer Libin

Otto and Elizabeth Liebergesell

Magdalen Liebergesell

Daniel Lien

Robert Lien and Katherine Chadey

Susan and Joseph Ligori

Seng Lim

Choon Chuan Lim

Caspere Lim

Ryan and Stephanie Linke

Sarah Linton

Brandon and Rachel Liston

Michael Liston

William and Nancy Liston

Jim and Melanie Liston

John Liston and Amy Albo

Stephen Little and Lori Haines-Little

Richard and Paulette Little

Courtney Little

Brent and Heather Lloyd

Michael and Jenifer Lloyd

Diana Loafman

Amy Locascio

Louise and Donald Lochhead

Richard and Susan Lockwood

JoAnn Lofstrom

Nicholas V. Lollini

Dana Lombardi and Larry Reimer

Yolanda Lopez

Mary Lopez

James Lopez

Tony Lopez

Beverly Lords

Bob and Rae Lortsher

Judy Lots

Lisa Louie and Paul Cisneros

Tom Lovat

Dan and Suzanne Loveland

Victor and Gail Lucero

Kathy Lucero

Sharon Lusienski

Karena Luttmer

Gerald Lynch

Melanie and Paul Lyon

Sean and Teri Macklyn

Thomas and Diane MacPhail

D Macrate

Stevan and Anne Madrigal

Kevin Madsen

Lisseth Madsen-Turner

Joseph and Jenny Maffuccio

Peter and Elizabeth Maillet

Lynn and Alexa Maland

Cristie Malcolm

Craig and Carolyn Mallory

John and Ann Malooly

Bill and Judy Manca

Anthony M. Manchego

Justin P. Manchego

Caraleen and Christopher Marks

Pete and Sharon Marron

Paul and Rita Marshall

Kim Marshall and Jerry McTeague

John and Sherry Martin

Robert Martin and Cheryl Martin

Lolohea and Edgardo Martinez

Mary Martinez

Folau Martinez

Kathlene Martyn

Mike and Mary Marushack

Heather and George Mastakas

Brad Mathews

Angie Matinkhah

Carolyn K. Mattheis

Joanne Mayo

Samuel and Beatrice McBride

Colleen K. McCann

Dr. Rachele M. McCarthey and Brock Van De Kamp

Dominique K. McCarthey Aragon and Eric Aragon

Mary McConaughy

Michelle McDonough and Chris Gose

Jayne McDonough and Patrick McLaughlin

Peggy A. McDonough and Patrick Jan

Thomas McDonough

Christopher and Katherine McGill

David and Christina McGill

Hugh and Sheila McGirt

John and Melissa McGlinn

Rosie and Ryan McGuire

Bernard McKenzie

Donald McKenzie

Jack McNamara

William and Kay McNamara

John McNamara

Elizabeth McQueen

Mary McTeague

Jerry McTeague

Theresa Megeath

Hannah Meneses

Carol Menotti Oliver

Mary Merk

Christopher and Kathy Merritt

Joe and Joyce Merritt

Eric Meyer and Erin Richards

Mary Migliorelli

Mariquita Miller

John Miller

Jeff Miller

John D. Miller

Mary Jean and Kobi Miller

Mark and Kathie Miller

Sylvia Mills

Joan and Mart Mirka

Thomas and Cyndi Mitchell

Alexander Moffat

Paul Mogren and Ann Marie Breznay

Ismael and Sonia Molina

Matt Monaco

James and Heather Monkmeyer

Lisa and Bret Monsler

Guy Montoya

Anne Mooney and John Sprano

James Mooney

Richard Mooney

Heather Mooney

Thomas M. Moore

Rebecca Moore

Geraldine and Dan Moose

Sheila Morales

Angie Morales

Bill J. Moran

Anne and James Morgan

Leslie Morginson-Eitzen

Laura Morin

Kristy L. Moring

Florence M. Morrill

Ed and Jan Morris

Kevin and Alysse Morton

Janet Moulton

Michael and Suzanne Mozdy

Michelle Mraule

Janette and Thomas Mudge

Gregory Mudge

Pam Mudge

Ronald Muffler and Teresa Graham-Muffler

Kara L. Mullen

Patrick and Teresa Mullen

George Mulligan

Muro-Pardo, Kids

Cynthia and John Murphy

Paula R. Murphy-Peterson

Dennis and Nancy Murray

Anthony and Teresa Musci

Stanley and Marianne Myles

Jonathan and Paula Naatz

Ralph and Valerie Nagasawa

Audrey Nagaswa

Katie and Kenneth Naylor

Kim and Suzanne Naylor

Leslie Negrete and Johana Sosa

Sheila Nelson

Donald Nelson

Walter and Nancy Newlin

DiAnn and Gary Nichelson

Karen and James Nichols

Damon and Natalie Nicholson

Elaine Nicolaysen

Jeffrey and Tonya Nilson

Jay and Tamra Nilson

Tara Nilson

Pamela Noetling

Patrick and Kim Noteboom

Richard and Florence O'Day

Pat and Nonny O'Hara

Melinda Odencrantz

Patricia Offermann

John and Charlotte Oliver

Jillian Olmstead

Steven Oltmans

Traci OONash

Regina B. Oost and Joseph A. Iskra

Gregory Orme

Tressa Ortiz

Josh and Lezlie Oswald

Teresa Ota and Peter Novak

William and Pam Overin

Mark and Chris Overman

Elizabeth Overman

Dan and Jeanie Overman

Jerry Oyler and Jolyn Fratto-Oyler

Derek Page

Salli Palmer

Todd and Jodie Palmer

Gerald O. Pando and Sandra Arroiave

Jeff and Linda Paoletti

Jasmine Parchell

Sean Parent

Beau and Rachel Parent

Heidi Parmelee

Leighton J. Parry

Emily Parry

Chad and Camelia Parry

Angie Parry

Myron and Robin Patterson

Christopher G. Paulos

Daniel and Vanessa Payne

Dorothy E. Peach Asmus and John Asmus

Jim and Judith Pechmann

JoAnna and Frank Pedroza

Christine Perfili and Jim Schnitter

Amy and Richard Pernich

Lauri and David Perry

Gary Perryman

Todd and Sheila Peterson

Dave and Kristin Petron

Wayne Pflueger

Jay and Judy Pierce

Carol Pillard

Stephanie Pino

Elizabeth Pinsonault

Warren Platt

Keith and Susan Pope

Kris and Marcus Porter

Stephanie and Tony Poulsen

Eric and Susan Pratts

Casey Pratts

Salvador Pratts

Dee Pringle

Deanna Purcell

Paul and Patricia Purcell

Patrice Purcell DeCorrevont and John DeCorrevont

Susan and Doug Qualey

Margaret and Robert Quinn

Amy R

Margaret Radabaugh

Tiffany Radcliffe

Lenore Raffo

George and Karen Raine

Antonio and Vicki Ramirez

Vanessa Ramos-Smith and Anthony Smith

Susan and Gregory Rausch

Richard and Kathryn Ray

Robert Raysor and Jensie Anderson

Joe Re

Joseph Re

Beverly and Gerald Reed

Robert Rees

Mary Reeves

Katherine Reeves Lords

Tupakk Renteria and Stephanie Barber-Renteria

Gray and Glenda Reynolds

Charles and Polly Reynolds

Sara Rich and Anders Kierulf

Mike and Joan Richardson

Paul and Daisy Richardson

Carrie Richardson and Phil Vincent

Tim and Eileen Richardson

Andrea Rico

Lisa Rico

Sue and George Riedel

Glen A. Rillston

M. Ringholz

Benjamin Roa and Kathy Franchek-Roa

Nancy Roberts

Chris Roberts

Joan Roberts-Tice

Teena Robles

Kent and Brenda Roche

Kathleen and Mike Rodman

Antoinette Rodriquez

Catherine E. Rokes-Cowdin and Dr. Hugh Cowdin

Rich Romano

Catherine Romano

Jerome and Lisa Romero

Don and Diane Roney

Lindsay and Terry Rooney

Sharon L. Roper

Kim Rosander

Lisa Tedesco Rose

Mary Roser and Jim Micallef

Patricia Roser

Gladys Ross

Shannen and Billy Rosser

Angela Rowland and Robert Rice

Dennis and Paula Roy

Becky Rupp

Barbara Russo and John Steffen

William and Joan Ryan

Jane N. Saarela

Jack Saber

Brenda Salzetti

Jules Sanchez

Melissa and Patrick Sanchez

Ernest and Kathy Sandoval

John Santistevan and Julie Santistevan

Nick and Valerie Sasich

Joseph and Ann Sasich

William and Sue Sause

William Sause

Refugio and Ruby Sausedo

James and Melina Scarcelli

J. and Patricia Scarcelli

Jill Schaefer

Vincent and Joyce Schile

Gary Schneckloth

James Schnitter

Pieter and Teena Scholte

Robert and Kim Schovaers

Edwin Schreiner

Stephen Schroeder

Carolyn Schubach

Jeannie Schumann

Denise Schwanderlik

Martin and Beth Ann Schwarz

LeeAnn Scolere

Lauren and Larry Scott

Julie Scott

Madalyn Seaman

Leigh and Sandra Sedgwick

Christopher and Linda Segura

Martha Seiner

Dr. Sharon Seiner

William Selfridge

Bill Selfridge

G Selfridge

Joan and Duane Semerad

Adam and Kristi Sessions

Thomas and Shirley Setter

Pam Sewell

Shree N. Sharma and Vijaya Sharma

Juliana Sheffield

Christi Shelby

David and Katherine Shepard

Claude and Alice Sherry

David and Jo Ann Shum

Julie and Jim Sibthorp

Bob and Lynn Sibthorp

Neila Sievert

Peter and Stephanie Silas

Lee Silva

Tammy and Mike Simmons

Vicky and David Simpson

Linda and Ken Simpson

Adam Skarr

T Skousen

Ann Smith

Lisa Smith

Wendi Smith

Carol and Ronald Smith

Natalie Smith and John Selfridge

Daniel and Jacci Snow

Marcia M. Snyder

Joyce Soprano and Tom Chell

Chris Sorenson

Rebecka Spears

Christopher and Kristi Speers

Claudia Sperling

Terry Stack

Luke Stager

Jack and Suzanne Stahl

Jack Stahl

Cindy Stanley

Tony and Jennie Stefanelli

Amy and Marco Stevanoni

Tom and Jane Stevens

Tony and Laura Stireman

Michelle Stokes and Craig Schmidt

Catherine and Christopher Stokes

Susan Storey

Jesse Stuart

Keith and Sydney Stuck

James and Kristie Suchar

Anne Sumser

Julie Sutton

Shannon Sweat

Thomas and Therese Sweet

Ted and Sandra Sweetland

Amy Tackett

Brittany Talley

Verlyn Tan

Sonny and Kathy Tangaro

Christopher D. Tartaro and Alison Faux-Tartaro

Ryan and Amy Taylor

Bill and Dolores Taylor

Paulette and Fred Tedesco

Paul and Laja Thompson

Grover Thompson

Robert and Bess Thompson

Jennifer Throndsen

Tio Tio

Mark Tippens

John R. Tobinski

Christine L. Tobolski

Christy and Kelly Tosney

Justin and Kathleen Toth

Richard and Ann Trentman

Richard and Gigi Trentman

Edward Trosper

John and Barbara Trosper

Loni Tuai

Ata Tupouniua

Curtis and Karen Turner

Thomas and Linda Turpin

Darlene and Ivan Turpin

Marylynn Ulibarri

Jon Ulibarri

Carroll Ulibarri-Mackay

John and Tracey Valentine

Stephanie and Andrew Van Uitert

Lance and Cristal VanDongen

Kristine Vasic

Maria Vasiliou

Brian Veltri

William and Melanie Ventura

Michael Verdu

Autumn Vigil

Jacqueline and Shannon Vincent

David and Barbara Viskochil

Nancy Volmer

Christine and Joe Volpe

Angelia Walker

Erica Walker

Marcia Walker

Jack and Doreen Wall

Craig and Carolyn Wallin

Jeremy Ward

Stephanie Watrin

Rick and Joanne Watson

Carol Watts

Lindell and Mary Weaver

Stefanie and Ryan Wedemeyer

Darlene Wedemeyer

Ronald Weiss

Jeanette Welch

Michael and Yevette West

Diane and Eric Westmark

Grant and Karen Weyman

Patrick Whalen

Mina Whalen

Marc and Marie Whaley

Rev. and Mrs. Sam Wheatley

Francis Whitby and Carrie Byington

Theresa D. White

Liz Whitney

Gigi Whye

Zoe Whye

Merrill Whye

Marina Wijesekera

Angie Wilkinson

Jerry G. Williams

Gina and Lee Williford

Virginia M. Williford

Al Wilner and Lois Wilner

Carol Wilson

Jean M. Wilson

John and Lynn Wilson

Georgia Ann Wilson

Lyle and Cindy Wilson

Seymour and Carol Winter

Dennis and Betty Winters

John Wise and Liana Hathaway-Wise

Patty and Phillip Wise

David and Joan Wochner

Jeff and Azure Wolfe

Catherine and Monte Wolfer

Patti Wood

Connie and Greg Woods

Tiffany Wright

Chris Yannelli and Marissa Diener

Ronald Yengich

F.R. and Tillie Young

Heather and Frank Zang

Jaimeeann Zang and Ling Zang

Ling Zang

Joe and Melissa Zone