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Sponsors and Donors

Corporate Sponsors of Judge Memorial
for 2019-2020
Khlone Outdoor Gear
Individual Supporters of Judge Memorial
for 2019-2020 

Adam and Allison Achter         

David and Darla Allen              


Brett and Michelle Backman

Douglas and Jill Barnhart        

Patty and Michael Brimley

Timothy Brown and Angela Dean

Peter Frech and Katherine Carlson

Ronald and Denise Cazares

John and Victoria Cordova

Charles and Kristine Dover

Robert Dow                                 

Ronald and Debra Dreitzler

Patricia Eisenman                     

Art and Wilma Elizondo           

Robb and Sarah Farr                 

Robb Farr                                    

Patricia Fulton                           

Michael and Nancy Fuoco        

Stuart and Diana George         

James Grambihler                     

Richard and Jacquelin Griffin

Lyle and Glenda Gurney           

Laura Horn                                  

Tim Horyna                                 

Barbara Hutchinson                  

Ray Kelly                                      

Vicki Kennedy Overfelt and Mark Overflet

Peggy Kershner and Deacon Lynn W. Kershner

Lesley and Kevin Kinney           

JoAnn and Buzz Larson             

Andrew and Shauna Leonard

Stephen Little and Lori Haines-Little

Michele and Phillip Luper       

James and Diane Mackin        

John and Ann Malooly              

Mary Marinac                             

Jerry McTeague                          

Ralph and Valerie Nagasawa

Barbara Poulsen                        

Richard and Jackie Powell

William J. Price                          

John and Gayle Robinson        

Vincent and Joyce Schile          

David and Katherine Shepard

Peter and Stephanie Silas       

Michael and Elice Straup         

Adam and Allison Swillinger

Amy J. Taylor                               

Marylynn Ulibarri                      

Dennis and Betty Winters       

Ling and Jaimeeann Zang        

Guy and Mary Zimmerman