Shadow Days & Tours

If your student wants to learn firsthand what it's like to be a Bulldog, then we encourage you to register for one of our Group Shadow Day programs!
All current 7th and 8th grade students are invited to attend a Group Shadow Day, where they will meet Judge students and faculty, get a feel for our campus and curriculum, and make new friends. 
Group Shadow Day #1: Friday, October 22
Group Shadow Day #2 (if needed): Friday, October 29
Group Shadow Day #3: Friday, November 19
Group Shadow Day #4: Monday, December 20
Group Shadow Day #5: Friday, January 7
All Shadow Day programs are 8:00am-2:45pm, and will follow a similar structure and rotation. There are no significant differences between each date, nor is there any advantage to attending one over another.
Specific Shadow Day capacities and policies will be determined based on the most current health and safety protocols.
Judge Memorial will not offer individual Shadow Day visits during Fall 2021, but we are happy to schedule an individual or family tour. Please contact us to discuss any specific accommodations or concerns.
We are happy to offer private tours on a weekly basis from September-April. This allow for a more individualized experience that is tailored to your requests.
Our Director of Admissions will get to know your student and family, familiarize you with our school and curriculum, and guide you through our campus and facilities.