Shadow Day

This year has been a challenge for all of us, but we know that one of the most important ways your student can get a feel for high school is to experience it live. With that in mind, Judge Memorial is excited to provide an in-person Shadow Day experience for interested eighth graders. We hope you will join us!
Shadow Day: Wednesday, January 27 


Details for In-Person Shadow Days

  • Unlike previous years, we are unable to provide students the chance to select a specific day to shadow and be in regular-length classes with all of our high school students
  • Shadow Day is ONLY for current eighth grade students, and students will be randomly placed into small groups
  • January 27 is a distance learning days for our high school students, which will allow participants to spread out on campus for lowest possible exposure
  • Shadows will be in small groups with other eighth graders (no more than 15) and will be chaperoned by Judge Student Ambassadors - for a total of no more than 19 people in any small group
  • Classes will be led by Judge faculty
  • Masks are REQUIRED to stay on at all times, and classroom spaces will be sanitized between each class period
  • Lunch will not be served
  • Students must be picked up by 12:30pm
  • Requests for students to be in certain groups or assigned to certain Judge students cannot be accommodated
8:00am Check-In
8:30-9:00am Welcome from Administration
9:00-9:30am Period 1 - Small Group Meeting & Theology
9:30-10:00am Period 2 - English
10:00-10:30am Period 3 - Social Studies
10:30-11:00am Period 4 - Science
11:00:11:30am Period 5 - Fine Arts
11:30-12:00pm Period 6 - Physical Education
12:00pm Dismissal
Note: Because students will be in assigned small groups, they will rotate through periods in a various order to always be with the same people