Shadow Program

Shadow Program for Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in Judge Memorial Catholic High School! We would love the opportunity to have you meet the teachers, staff and students who make Judge ... Judge!

Click above to sign-up for our Shadow Program

To arrange a shadow experience for your student with a current Judge Memorial student, please fill out the above online form. Once submitted you will be contacted to schedule a shadow visit for your student. Please note that shadows are by appointment only and are scheduled mid-September through April.

Become a Bulldog!
Middle school students who are interested in applying to Judge Memorial are welcome to spend a day on campus by enrolling in our Bulldog Shadow Program. Judge's Shadow Program offers prospective Bulldogs a chance to experience what a typical student's day is like on campus. Prospective students will spend the day shadowing a current student who will take them to classes, share time with them during breaks and lunch (lunch is free!), and receive a tour of the campus. There's nothing like it!

How do I get involved in the shadow program?
Shadow visits begin in mid-September. Please remember that shadows are by appointment. A parent must register on behalf of their student, and a parent must also either accompany their student on the day of their shadow visit or arrange ahead of time to sign the proper shadow day registration release form. Reservations for shadowing are required and can be made by filling out and submitting the above form or by contacting our Admissions Office at 801-517-2129.

Who is eligible to take advantage of a shadow day?
Middle school students who are interested in applying to Judge Memorial are welcome to spend a day on campus by taking part of our Bulldog Shadow Program. The Shadow Program is also open to current high school students enrolled elsewhere, who will shadow a student sharing the same interests and grade level. Please click the "Shadow Program" link above to begin the process.

Is it possible to shadow with a specific student?
All of our Shadow Hosts are underclassmen as we feel that this gives the most accurate representation of an incoming student's school day. Not all of our underclassmen have signed up to participate in the Shadow Host program, so while you may request a specific student, this is not a guarantee. Each host is responsible for one guest at a time; if your requested host has already been paired with a visitor, we will find another host with similar interests. We like to match eighth grade students with a host who shares similar interests (class schedules, co-curriculars, etc.). We use gender as one of the criteria for matching shadows and hosts to make gym classes and between-class-breaks run more smoothly.

May I visit on a specific date?
Our first shadow visit date is typically a Friday in mid-September, with the program continuing through the spring in April. Shadow Days may be scheduled on Monday, Thursday, or Friday, as shadows will have the opportunity to visit eight classes on those three days and have a broad experience. We permit a limited number of shadows each day and some days are closed due to school conflicts.

What should a shadow guest wear?
Judge has a dress code policy for its students and the same applies to those visiting our school. In order to have a complete Judge experience, shadow guests follow a modified version of our school dress code. Boys: Please wear a collared shirt, khaki pants or shorts, and closed-toe shoes. We ask that you not wear t-shirts, sweatpants, or denim pants/shorts. Girls: Please wear a sleeved shirt, pants or  shorts, and closed-toe shoes. We ask that you not wear t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, sweatpants, or denim pants/shorts.

Should my child bring a lunch?
Judge Memorial is happy to provide all of our Shadow guests lunch in the Bulldog Café free of charge. Additional items may be purchased in the cafeteria if desired. If your student has special dietary restrictions, feel free to pack a bag lunch.

Will my child need to bring any additional materials?
Shadow guests are encouraged to bring a book, journal, or sketch pad in the event that their host has a test or quiz. If interested, notebook and writing instruments can be helpful. Otherwise, students are encouraged to bring their curiosity and questions.

Can I schedule a second visit?
Each year Judge hosts hundreds of students through our Shadow Program. In order to let every prospective Bulldog experience a day at Judge, we only allow one shadow visit per student. If you have additional questions, we encourage families to schedule a family visit or meet with our Admissions staff.

We are registered for a Shadow Day; what do we do now?
Check-in for all Shadow Guests is at 7:50am in the Office of Admissions and Communications. The Office of Admissions and Communications is on the main floor (second floor) of Judge, just down the hall from the Main Office. Parents, once you have signed in your student and completed the registration form, you are free to go. Shadow hosts will be paged to the Office of Admissions and Communications during morning announcements and the day will begin! The Shadow Day will end at approximately 2:50pm.
Directions to the Office of Admissions and Communications
When you arrive on campus, please enter from the main northeast door on 1100 East. Walk straight ahead to the Office of Admissions and Communications on the second floor, midway between the Main Office and the Advancement Office. If you have additional questions, you may contact John Michael Pantlik in our Admissions Office, or 801-517-2129.