Science @ Judge

For questions, please email the Science Department Chair Dr. Dasch Houdeshel: 
Department Faculty
Dr. Dasch Houdeshel, PhD
Dr. Gary Ayton, PhD
Dr. Joseph Gibbons, PhD
Wayne Hentschel, M.S.
George Angelo
Zach Laufer, M.S. 
Caroline Holyoak (lecturer) 
The science department aims to create a safe learning environment that encourages critical thinking and a desire to explore bold new concepts. Science must be experienced to be fully appreciated. The science department draws on the expertise of a passionate and dedicated group of teachers who each contribute their unique experience in science. 
  • 4 AP classes (Physics I, Physics C, Biology, Chemistry)
  • Chemistry 1210 (concurrent with SLCC)
  • Electives: Oceanography, Forensic Science, Astronomy, Zoology
  • Sports Medicine I, II, and III include professional CPR, First Aid, and Outdoor Emergency Care certifications.