Robotics Club Overview

Robotics Club Overview
Robotics Club contact: Mrs. Sonja McKown,
2017-2018 Advisors and Mentors: Mr. Jon Hall, Mr. Danny Clyne, Dr. Dave Comber, Dr. Heidi Hoven, and Mr. Fred Jenny,
The Bulldogs Robotics Club is designed to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs. These programs will build science, engineering, and technology skills that inspire innovation and that foster well-rounded life capabilities that include self-confidence, communication, and leadership. Through participation in this club, we will create problem solvers and develop skills for marketing, fundraising, computer work, collaboration, as well as programming and robotics. The club will compete locally and nationally.
Check out this March 2016 video of JudgeMent Call in action:
 Our 2017-2018 Team thanks you for your interest and support in our endeavors.
  • Yara Ahmed ‘21
  • Josephine Akec ‘21
  • Rebecca Akec ‘20
  • Chris Clyne ‘19
  • Eric Hall ‘18
  • Andrew Hall ‘21
  • Kaeli Henderson ‘21
  • John Matthews ‘20
  • Jacqueline Muffler ‘18
  • Hannah QI ‘18
  • Miriam Smith ‘19
  • Erica Strand ‘20
  • Joey Thomas ‘19
  • Rene Valles ‘19
  • Kyle Williams ‘18
  • Grace Wise ‘19
  • Wesley Zumwalt ‘20
Thank you to our sponsors. Your support makes it possible for us to explore, create, compete.