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Presidential Service Award

Congratulations to the 2019 Presidential Award Recipients: 

Olivia Anderson     Gedeon Baende    Madelyn Bossarte    Riley Bouillon

Samuel Butcher   Sophie Campbell     Grace Carter     Ashley Cluff

Samuel Conner     Penelope Dalton     Alexandra Drossos     Katherine Evans

Sydney Ewing     Nicholas Falkner     Ethan Firth    Jentrie Gordy     

Hannah Gose     Emma Graham     Alysa Gribben     Andrew Hall

Maggie Harmston     Jace Holmes     Madison Hopkins     Katie Horne

Amaia Horyna     Hannah Jorgenson     Elena Justice     Maddie Klement

Clinton Kwong     Peter Larrabee     Charlie Leo     Victoria Locke     

Matthew Ludlow     Anna Macklyn     Megan McCoy     Abby McGowan

Cameron Mclaughlin     Nicollete Miller     JohnAlcide Monette     Gillian Mozdy     

Zoe Murphy     Jillian Nelson     Kyler Nilson     Raine Padawater     

Michael Paul     Ruby Philips     Grace Sherman     Audrey Sparano

Claire Sparano     Erica Strand     Kayla Suchar     Bella Tartaro     

Diego Tomczak     Lily Vasquez-Echols     Wren Walker     Oscar Young     

Tomas Young 


Presidential Service Award Program

We are pleased to continue our participation in the President’s Volunteer Service Award program as a Certifying Organization. This Award is a presidential honor that recognizes the valuable contributions of volunteers nationwide who are answering the call to serve others through their current volunteer activities or lifetime service. As a Certifying Organization, we will identify eligible recipients, verify their service hours, and distribute the Award to outstanding volunteers.

We invite all students who meet the eligibility requirements outlined below to apply for this Award. Given our students' ongoing service activities, many may already meet the requirements to receive the Award. To qualify, volunteers simply submit a record of their service hours to Judge Memorial Catholic High School. Judge Memorial will verify the service and distribute the Award.    

Additionally, eligible volunteer service hours are not limited to those performed on behalf of students' required Christian Service hours. In fact, service hours can be accumulated through work on a variety of projects throughout the year. The only requirement is that the hours be completed within 12 months (April to April the following year) and the eligible student respond to the following short essay prompt; recipients can qualify for a new Award each year.  


Describe and give an example of the effect that your Christian Service work had on you. How did the people and the places you served influence (both positively/negatively) you? Describe and give an example of the effects you had on the agencies and the people with who you have served. What have they learned from you? What was the most wonderful moment in your service experience? Why? What is the greatest insight about other people that you have gained from your Christian Service? What is the greatest insight that you have gained from your Christian Service?

To be eligible to receive the PRESIDENT’S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD, applicants’ service hours must be confirmed by a registered Certifying Organization (Judge Memorial). The following are the hours and age parameters of the three levels of the Presidential Service award:


Teens (ages 11–15)

Bronze Award 50 - 74 hours

Silver Award 75 - 99 hours

Gold Award 100 or more hours


Young Adults (ages 16-25)

Bronze Award 100-174 hours

Silver Award 175 - 249 hours

Gold Award 250 or more hours



Individuals who have completed 4,000 or more volunteer service hours over the course of their lifetime are eligible to receive the PRESIDENT’S CALL TO SERVICE AWARD.