Operational Plan for Fourth Quarter 2021

To the Judge Memorial Catholic High School community,

This has been quite an experience.  Over the course of the year, we have embraced adaptations both in and out of school.  We have taken great pride in creating a safe learning environment for our students.  Thank you for the partnership in fostering a safe home environment which has contributed to low overall COVID numbers.  We are moving away from the hybrid model and towards four days a week of in-person classes for our students.  We are grateful for the opportunity to provide our students a more traditional fourth quarter experience.

Stronger together,

Patrick Lambert

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Judge’s Goals for the 2020-21 School Year
  • Provide an exceptional learning experience for the children entrusted in our care.
  • Provide the needed supports for academic, physical, social and spiritual growth.
  • Provide a safe environment for our faculty and staff.
  • Provide flexibility, adaptability and options for our students, faculty and staff.
  • Actively engage in dialogue with our parents and community as partners to the overall learning experience of our students.
  • Navigate difficult challenges in a supportive manner.
  • Continue to empower students to become builders of a more just society.
** Updated: 3/10/21. These guidelines are subject to change in order to meet the needs of our students, parents, faculty, and staff.

More information can be found at:  https://coronavirus.utah.gov/education/school-manual/

In addition to the plan listed on this page, you can also download a copy at the bottom of this page.

Four Days a Week In-Person & One Day Distance Learning


Summary:  This includes four days a week of in-person classes. There will be one distance learning day each week on Wednesdays  



Delivery of Curriculum/Simultaneous Instruction 

  • Teachers will deliver instruction in the classroom. 
  • In-person classes are being offered to all of our students.
  • Lessons will also be delivered virtually (live and recorded) for students that are learning from home.
  • Cameras must be on for the entirety of the class period for students learning virtually from home.
  • Attendance will be taken in each class.
  • Judge Memorial is following a Block A and B system in order to limit the movement contact between classes during transition periods.  Blocks are 90 minutes in length.
  • Student will attend school in person Monday (Blocks 1-4), Tuesday (Blocks 5-8), Thursday (Blocks 1-4), and Friday (Blocks 5-8).  Wednesday will be a distance learning day for the entire student body.
  • Students that are considered high-risk or those with individual safety circumstances where in-person classes are not possible are eligible for the   fully distant learning option. Please contact our school’s Point of Contact (POC) to complete the process.  The POC for Judge Memorial is Tim Carr.   He can be reached at tcarr@judgememorial.com.


Outdoor Classrooms

  • Outdoor classroom space is available in the stadium, prayer garden, front of school and beach area.  Students were given transportable chairs to provide comfort in the outdoor classroom.  Students are encouraged to bring these to school.


Substitute Plan

  • A full-time substitute coordinator is in place to assist in long-term faculty absences. 


Protocols for sick staff members

  • Isolated and sent home immediately. 
  • Additional parent notifications will be communicated according to Salt Lake Health Department guidance.


Protocols for sick students

  • If a student is feeling sick or showing symptoms they should not come to school.
  • If a student exhibits symptoms at school, they will be isolated, and parents contacted immediately.
  • We will follow the direction of the Salt Lake Health Department regarding contact tracing and possibly close to isolate students/staff and clean the facility.  Parents notification will follow the guidance of the Salt Lake Health Department.  If it is recommended to share that there has been a positive case, the identity of the person who tested positive will not be released. 


Return to school after absences due to COVID-19

  • If a person has tested positive for COVID-19 they will isolate until all of the following conditions have been met:
  • Fever-free for 24 hours.
  • Respiratory symptoms have improved over 24 hours.
  • It has been at least 10 days since he or she first had symptoms or tested positive. 


Technology needs

  • Continue with school’s one to one device policy.
  • Additional cleaning for the computers in learning commons.




Social Distancing and PPE Protocols

  • Students will be seated as far apart as reasonably possible.
  • Parent access to the building will be limited.
  • Face masks will be worn by all staff/students.
  • Signage displayed to remind students to wash their hands, sanitize their areas, limited locker access, hall access, etc. 
  • Students are asked to bring a water bottle.



  • Desks are spread out as much as space allows in each classroom.


Heightened Cleaning Protocols

  • Regular cleaning of all lockers, bathrooms, common areas throughout the day.
  • Water fountains cleaned regularly throughout the day. Only the water bottle refill option is available.
  • Sanitize every classroom, entrance door, faculty room, etc.
  • Classroom all have hand sanitizer.
  • Sanitizer at front desk, advancement, enrollment, and counselor offices.
  • Students are asked to wipe their desk before leaving the classroom.
  • All contact surfaces to be cleaned regularly, such as doorknobs, light switches, desks, etc.


Main Offices

  • The main offices have been equipped with plexiglass shields for protection. 


Hallways and Common Areas

  • Hallways are marked and one directional. 
  • Stairwells are one directional. 
  • Physical distancing is a priority in common areas.


Lunch Procedures

  • Box lunches will be available to students in cafeteria.  Social distancing standards are set in place.  Students will also be allowed to eat in public gathering areas including the beach or prayer garden.
  • 11th and 12th grade students will also have the opportunity to eat in certain designated classrooms.
  • Plexiglass protection has been put in place along with measures to control the flow of students.
  • Fountain drink and vending machine options are not available.
  • Floor decals mark where students stand in the line for lunch.  This allows for a six-foot separation.  
  • Decals mark the spots on the tables where students are able to sit (again to maintain six feet of separation).  
  • Sanitizing station in each entrance to the cafeteria and posters reminding students to sanitize their hands before they get in line. 


Transportation Service

  • Transportation services are in operation.  There is modified seating.


Only Authorized Personnel in the School Building




School Activities

  • Athletics and Performing Arts
    • Sports continue to practice and compete following the UHSAA guidelines.
    • Maintain hygiene protocol as set by the health department. 
    • Signs will be posted to communicate protocols. 
    • All attendees at events will be required to wear a mask.
    • Currently providing rapid COVID tests each Wednesday.
    • Participants in athletics and activities must be tested for COVID every two weeks.
    • Ensembles and performances will continue but with limited audience members.  Members of the audience will follow proper safety guidelines.
  • Activities
    • For in-person single events, students will need to be rapid testing within 48 hours of the start of the event.



  • Indoor assemblies and gatherings will be limited.  Outdoor assemblies will be put in place for most events.  These events will also be offered virtually.



  • Regular communication through weekly principal’s newsletter.
  • Skyward alert system and email
  • Social media platforms


Social and Emotional Wellness

  • Our counseling department will continue to actively support our students’ mental health.  

Morning Prayer and Morning Mindfulness 


Masses and Religious Gatherings

  • Scheduled masses will occur with a limited number of students. Virtual option will be available.
  • Retreat program is in full operation.  Each retreat continues to follow the standard safety protocols.
** Updated: 3/10/21. These guidelines are subject to change in order to meet the needs of our students, parents, faculty, and staff.

More information can be found at:  https://coronavirus.utah.gov/education/school-manual/