Mission & History

Mission Statement
The mission of Judge Memorial Catholic High School is to create a community through faith and education that will foster the development of each student’s inherent gifts.
As a community based on faith, Judge Memorial Catholic High School partners with parents to foster the integration of student’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development. In our safe, caring, respectful environment, students are empowered to become builders of a more just society.
Since 1921, Judge Memorial Catholic High School has provided an outstanding educational experience, firmly rooted in the Catholic tradition, to students and their families. For 100 years, the faculty, staff, students, parents, families and alumni of Judge Memorial have fostered and sustained a school of excellence.

The school building was originally Judge Mercy Home, a hospital established for the population of Catholic coal miners working in Park City who suffered from Black Lung. As the need for a hospital dedicated to this cause subsided, Mary Judge, (who was, along with her deceased husband John, the benefactor of the hospital), expressed her wishes to the bishop of the Diocese of Salt Lake to reopen the hospital as a school. Mary Judge passed away just before the school bearing her family name opened in 1921.

Initially run by the beloved Sisters of the Congregation of the Holy Cross, Judge Memorial was co-ed until 1964, when Bishop Joseph Lennox Federal brought in the Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales to run it as an all-boys school. At this time, girls attended St. Mary of the Wasatch Academy. In 1970, St. Mary closed and girls once again joined the boys at Judge Memorial Catholic High School.

With the present-day guidance of a committed administration, faculty, and staff, the school continues to build upon the legacy of Catholic education started by Mary Judge and continued over the years by all members of the Judge community.

School Prayer
Oh God, you have made us the church of your Son. Make our school a family of one heart and one mind in love toward you and one another. Grant that our common life and work may be an example of love to all around us. Guide our administration, faculty, and students in their work. Keep us secure in your love and goodness. We offer this prayer in the name of Christ the King, our patron. Amen.
School Seal
Judge Memorial was placed under the patronage of “Christ the King” in 1931 by Bishop John Mitty. The center-point of the Judge Memorial school seal is the shield, or Coat-of-Arms. The left side of the shield illustrates the orb and scepter of a king, the symbols of power bestowed on a ruler. The word basileus comes from the Greek word meaning “King.” On the right side of the shield, we find the liturgical symbol, the Greek Chi (X) and Rho (P), the symbol for Christ. Thus, the shield bears the motto: “Christ the King.”

Alma Mater
We sing of Judge, our Alma Mater, kingly colors red and gold.
From mountains high to valleys low, our story is forever told.
Hail to thee, Judge Memorial Catholic High.
Friendship forever more, our love will never die.
We pledge to thee, our Alma Mater, loyalty and faithfulness.
For e'er we go and what shall be, thy mem'ry in our hearts shall rest.

Bulldog Mascot
As a symbol that unites us, we could not ask for a better mascot than the Bulldog. It is the spirit within us all. It is the understanding that no matter the circumstance, we will get things done. It is knowing that it will not always be pretty or easy, but being a Bulldog is accepting the challenges set before us. We do not back down. We do not yield. We work for the Judge community, and we honor those who have paved the way for us. We do what we do not for fame, glory, or publicity. We do it for Judge Pride.