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From the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop's Website:
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School Prayer
Oh God, you have made us the church of your Son. Make our school a family of one heart and one mind in love toward you and one another. Grant that our common life and work may be an example of love to all around us. Guide our administration, faculty, family and students in their work. Keep us secure in your love and goodness. We offer this prayer in the name of Christ the King, our patron. Amen.

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Judge Memorial Catholic High School prides itself on the presence of a strong Catholic identity while welcoming students of all faiths. We assist students in their faith development and enrichment through both religious activities and academic study. Our Campus Ministry and Theology departments offer a wide variety of programs to help students enhance their own personal faith, lead an ethical life, serve those in need, promote social justice, develop leadership skills, and build more meaningful relationships with others. 
The curriculum emphasizes spiritual development, prayer, moral development, and social justice. Prayer and reflection are an important part of each day at Judge Memorial. The entire student body participates in the celebration of Mass for Holy Days, Feast Days, and special religious events. Liturgical seasons are brought to life through school-wide prayer and classroom activities. A four-year retreat program, coordinated by the Theology and Campus Ministry staff, solidifies the roots of religious formation and enriches the student experience. 
The Judge Memorial Catholic High School Campus Ministry Department through retreat, prayer, sacraments, and community-building activities provides avenues to increased spirituality in all students and members of the Judge Memorial family. Our Judge community works to infuse Catholic/Christian spirituality into the fabric of the total high school experience.

peer ministers
Peer Ministers
Peer Ministers of all faiths, a leadership opportunity for seniors, assist in the worship and faith life of the school community. Our Peer Ministers coordinate student retreats, prayer, liturgies, and faith sharing groups. 
Campus Ministry 
  • Retreats
  • Liturgical Gatherings
  • Daily Prayers
  • Service & Outreach Projects
  • Spiritual Guidance
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