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International Students Admissions

Judge Memorial is pleased to offer admissions to International Students, and encourages you to share the experiences of secondary education, and life, in America. Judge values the rich diversity of cultural experience that international students bring to our institution.
  • Judge Memorial is an AP Capstone High School with grades 9-12.
  • Judge Memorial's strong history (since 1921) and reputation of college placement are what draws many international students to apply each year.
  • Judge Memorial was recently named by the Washington Post as the #1 most challenging high school in Utah and in the top 2% of challenging high schools in America.
  • Judge Memorial has over 650 total students with approximately 5% international students from several countries and growing.
  • We do not have an ESL or ELL program, but rather we are a college-preparatory high school and thus good grades, letters of recommendation, and a specific English proficiency level are just a few of the requirements to apply.
  • We take all our international students on field trips throughout the year such as local university tours, a professional sports game (e.g. The Utah Jazz), etc.
  • Our school is very popular and desired by many international students. Besides new student from abroad, we have some international students transfer into our school each year from other high schools in the area.
  • Our International Student Department here gives 100% support "from application to graduation" which regular high schools in Utah do not offer.
  • Judge Memorial is not a boarding school. In case the students do not already have resident accommodations, with a qualified family member, we offer and run a very safe host family program as well.
  • Everyone in our International Student Department has a big heart for international students because, in part, they all have lived overseas and know how hard, but worth it, it is for the students. We simply care very much for the students and want them to succeed and move on to a University in the US and not just for them to enjoy a "cultural experience".

We currently have a need for host families. Click here to find out how you can participate in this enriching opportunity at no cost to your family!
Below you will find detailed information on the application and admission process. Please contact Judge's International Student Office at or by calling 801-517-2153 if you have any questions.
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International Student Department
Interested applicants first must complete and submit the International Student Request Form to us at Once we've approved that the student would potentially make a good applicant of proper age/grade etc, we will send out the full International Student Application which includes a checklist of the application process and required documents. The International Student Application and the international tuition rates are not found on our website but rather handled separately with each interested family. Throughout the application process, all emailed documents must be in PDF format and, assuming the student is accepted into Judge Memorial, all corresponding original documents must be provided to us upon arrival before school starts. Financial assistance or other tuition discounts are not available for international students.
All students are required to purchase uniforms through Dennis Uniform Company.
  • (School Code R10)
  • National Customer Service 800.854.6951
Students purchase required textbooks online through MBS Books.
Students are eligible to sell their books back to MBS Books at the end of the school year if the text is going to be used again at Judge Memorial in the following academic school year.

Student Housing/Host Family
Judge Memorial is not a boarding school. All students are required to be placed into an approved host family provided by our International Student Department for the duration of the school year. All host families go through a very strict application and home-visit process and, if approved, are registered with school before the best-matched student is placed into the home.

Host Relative
A student may be eligible to live with a direct relative (parents, brother, sister, aunt or uncle) who is over 28 years of age, has proof of proper immigration status, proof of residence and approval by our International Student Department.
Refund Policy
The tuition will be refunded if the student is not accepted for enrollment, approved for a Visa or if the student withdraws their application within 30 days prior to the first day of school. The $500.00 enrollment fee is non-refundable upon the issuance of the I-20 form. The student or the parent/guardian is responsible for mailing back the original I-20 before the tuition refund is made.

I-20 Form
Upon receipt of the tuition and fee payment, Judge Memorial Catholic High School will issue an I-20 form. The I-20 form is necessary for obtaining an F-1 student visa or for legal transfer from another institution in the United States. If a student is unable to attend during the planned term, the I-20 must be returned with notification that the student will not be attending Judge Memorial.
Students must present their passport, I-20 form, entry permit (I-94 card) and English translated proof of insurance to the International Student Department upon arrival at Judge Memorial to be eligible for enrollment.

VISA Application
International Students must appear before a United States consulate in order to secure an F-1 student Visa. The following items are required and must be presented: I-20 Form issued by Judge Memorial, a valid passport, and proof of sufficient financial support.  Students with F-1 status who are transferring from an educational institution in the United States should consult with the International Student advisor at their current school for instructions on the Immigration Services transfer process. This should be done as early as possible to avoid any difficulties.
J-1 Students
Students with a J-1 Visa are subject to the same policy, procedure, tuition and enrollment fee as an F-1.

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To schedule a tour of Judge Memorial Catholic High School or ask further detailed questions:

Contact: International Student Office
Telephone: 801-517-2153