Nicholas Steffens


  • M.S. in Communications, University of Utah
  • B.A. in Communications, St. Cloud State University

Appointments and Honors:

  • Peace Corps, Moldova, 2003-2005


Nicholas Steffens has been a member of Judge Memorial's English department since 2017. He teaches freshman level English.

Mr. Steffens loves live music. While a freshman in high school, he started playing with bands. "I still play today and will continue to as long as my bands allow." As a musician, it is not surprising that his role-model is Bruce Springsteen. But as a teacher of language arts, his respect for "The Boss" goes deeper than just his musical talent. "I admire Bruce Springsteen for his ability to harness the powers of narrative and song to inspire change."  Mr. Steffens hopes to motivate his students in a similar way; to make use of their innate abilities to generate change. He encourages all students to get involved. "Classes are only part of the high school experience, albeit an important part. There are many opportunities for personal and intellectual growth offered outside the classroom."

Prior to teaching, Mr. Steffens spent over a decade as a video journalist. "The job took me a range of places, covering hurricane cleanups to presidential visits." Through many inspiring stories, he gained respect for others' personal journeys and exposure to a world filled with opportunity.