W. Michael Lovett


  • M.A. in Teaching, Westminster College
  • M.A. in French, University of Utah
  • B.A. in English, University of Utah

Community and Volunteer Work:

  • Inclusion Center for Community and Justice

Moderates the following activities:

  • Peace & Justice Alliance

Michael Lovett was a member of Judge Memorial's faculty from 1984 till 1987, then, after a stint at St Joseph High School in Ogden, from 2001 to the present. He now teaches all levels of French and moderates the Judge Memorial Peace and Justice Alliance.

Mr. Lovett learned French mainly by being part of a French theatre troupe while attending the University of Utah. "I knew all about grammar from studying in books, filling out worksheets, and taking tests, but I couldn't speak at all. Then, in this theatre group, everybody spoke French so I had to start speaking too."

Mr. Lovett finds inspiration in the plays of Shakespeare and Molière, Mozart operas, Chagall paintings, and in the writings of the philosopher Claude Tresmontant. He also enjoys reading in French all the murder mysteries by Georges Simenon about the Parisian detective Maigret.

When in high school, Mr. Lovett looked up to, and remembers fondly, a marvelous social studies teacher of his, Brother Gary Stone. "Our first encounter did not go well. I was a freshman, and I was outside of our school building acting like a clown, being really loud and ridiculous. I heard this booming voice yelling down at me from a second-floor window. It was Brother Gary Stone telling me to be quiet and stop all the nonsense. I had to meet him after school. I did go to meet him, and we were friends from then on. He was a lovely man and a great teacher. He died of cancer some years after I graduated."