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Gary Ayton, Ph.D.

Science, Department Chair

  • B.S. University of British Columbia
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of British Columbia
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship, Australian National University
  • Assistant Research Professor, University of Utah
  • Associate Research Professor, University of Utah

Gary Ayton has been a member of Judge Memorial’s Science department since 2010. He teaches Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Applied Biology and Chemistry, Physics, Oceanography, and Astronomy. Additionally, he serves as the science department chair.

Those fortunate to have taken classes from Dr. Ayton observe first-hand his contagious excitement and passion for science. He encourages students to question, to take chances, work hard, and accept the mistakes that will happen. In his free time Dr. Ayton enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and CrossFit.

Dr. Ayton draws inspiration from his father. “My dad is my role model. He was an amazing man.”

Advice he would give students is this: “Take the toughest courses you can, and be good at it! If you try your hardest, and it’s an epic catastrophe, reflect on what happened, own it, and then move on.”