Louise Hendrickson Class of '83

Vice Principal

  • M.S. in Educational Leadership, Creighton University
  • B.S. in Elementary Education, University of Utah

Awards and Honors: 

  • Creighton University Maurine Hamilton Award for Outstanding Graduate Women
  • Member, Alpha Sigma Pi Honor Society
  • Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City 25 Year Service Award
  • Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City Outstanding Educator of the Year, 2008
  • Rotary Club Teacher of the Year, 2005

An alumna of Judge Memorial’s class of 1983, Louise Hendrickson has been an administrator for her alma mater since 2012. She is currently the vice principal for Judge Memorial, but has served in many areas of the school's administration, most recently as the dean of students.

Ms. Hendrickson's dedication to the teaching staff at Judge Memorial is evident in her involvement with many of the school's committees: she oversees the professional development for teachers and assists with the school's strategic planning. She recently stated, "The most favorite part of my job is trying to help teachers however I can". 

When not investing her time with the teachers, Ms. Hendrickson enjoys running, reading and cooking. When asked who her role model is and why, Ms. Hendrickson responded, "St. Teresa of Calcutta is a woman whom I have looked up to and referred to in my actions with others."