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BOTMs for 2017-2018

Student Council proudly announces the 2017-2018 Bulldogs of the Month
Judge Memorial Catholic High School's Student Council coordinates the monthly Bulldog of the Month campaign for Judge Memorial. Teachers, staff, administration and students nominate Judge students who may be deserving of this honor. The "Bulldog of the Month" could be someone who exemplifies a strong moral character, someone who shines in athletics or excels in his or her activity or club, or someone who truly deserves special recognition. 
Nomination forms can be picked up in and returned to the the Main Office, or emailed directly to advisor, Ms. Kay Bush,
Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Bulldogs of the Month:
April 2018
For freshman student Annette, being kind and sweet is part of her nature. She continually smiles, brightening up every room she enters. She is inclusive, putting others before herself, and doesn't hesitate to say "hello" to those in the halls.  Annette is an incredible person who deserves to be Bulldog of the Month!

March 2018
Junior student, Jacob is a great part of this community and an amazing representation of Judge Memorial. He is kind, welcoming, considerate and always respectful of everyone. He is an avid violin player and shares his gift with the community at every school mass. Jacob's positive influence on the community is why he is so deserving of the Bulldog of the Month honor.

February 2018
Senior student Chris, "CJ" is by far one of the most caring and loving people at Judge Memorial. He always goes out of his way to ask you how you are and how your day is going. He is a very respectable, kind-hearted person and is always willing to help others. He can take negative situations and always turn them into positive situations. His smile and laugh bring joy wherever he goes. Thanks "CJ" for being you! You deserve to be Bulldog of the Month!

January 2018

Freshman student, Porter is such a joy to be around. He is an amazing friend that brings a positive attitude to everything. He never has a bad thing to say about anyone and he makes sure everyone feels loved and included. He encourages other students to never fall behind in their classes. Porter is an amazing person who is deserving of the honor of January's Bulldog of the Month!

December 2017
Sophomore student, Mashlin is always smiling and is a great friend to many students. She demonstrates the positive qualities of a Judge Memorial student. Mashlin is a hard working student and her family is proud of her many achievements. Mashlin is an all-around great person and is why we are proud to name her as December's Bulldog of the Month!

November 2017
Senior student, Aurora is positive and tries to help others as often as she can. As a friend, she is creative and shows clever ways to help others in their studies. She is always there with a shoulder to cry on. Most importantly, she is compassionate, kind, and has a great outlook on life. Student Council is proud to name Aurora as November's Bulldog of the Month!

October 2017
Senior student Veronica, always goes the extra mile to make people happy and never fails to put a smile on the faces of others. She shows amazing spirit. Veronica exemplifies Christian behavior through the manner in which she serves the community. Judge community wouldn’t be the same without her! Judge Memorial Catholic High School’s Student Council is proud to announce senior Veronica as Bulldog of the Month for October 2017. 

September 2017
If you asked anyone in the senior class about Mary, the first thing they’d say is that she’s always smiling. Mary is one of those people who is a friend to all and makes everyone feel important with her big smile and laugh. She is always positive no matter what. Mary is motivated academically and challenges herself every year with many Honors and AP classes. Finally, Mary is an amazing friend to all! She is always there to lean on and willing to lend a listening ear. Student Council is proud to announce Senior student, Mary as September's Bulldog of the Month!