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Epicurean Society Overview

Epicurean Society contact:  Mr. Tim Soran,

The mission of the Judge Memorial Catholic High School Epicurean Society is to promote wellness and camaraderie amongst peers as well as the opportunity to explore different cultures through the culinary arts.

This Judge activity will endeavor to teach students how to better “appreciate” the subtleties of various food flavors, which food combinations are most often successful, and which beverages pair well with the food they are serving. It will be a “hands on activity” in which the students will make and consume their own creations. There will be no upfront cost to join the club, but rather it will be ‘pay-as-you-go’ for each activity (usually between $5 and $10).  The goal – for the students to learn how to complete the recipe in a controlled classroom setting, reproduce that recipe for their families at home, and eventually teach their friends and family how to “appreciate” what they are eating.