Attendance: excerpts from handbook

ATTENDANCE: Excerpts from Student / Parent Handbook


Attendance: Excessive Absences

Excessive absences may affect a student’s academic standing. Two (2) unexcused absences from any class or study period will result in a failing grade for the quarter. Additionally, excessive absences from any class or assembly, whether excused or unexcused, may result in no credit for that class for the quarter. Without prior authorization from the dean's office, the student will receive a failing grade for more than six (6) absences in a quarter from any class or study time. Absences for authorized school activities or absences which are medically required and authorized by a physician are exempt from this rule.



Attendance: Late Arrival and Early Dismissal

Notes may be dropped off in the main office or emailed to Ms. Rachel James, 

Students arriving at school after 8A for any reason must check in at the dean’s office before going to class. A late arrival will be excused if the parent or guardian has sent a written note or email with a legitimate reason for the late arrival. If no excuse if received within 48 hours, a detention will be assigned. If a student must leave school before 7:55A the day of the early dismissal, accompanied by a note from the parent or guardian, to obtain an early dismissal slip. A student who becomes ill and feels the need to go home during the day must report to the dean's office and call a parent from there. Students must check in and out through the dean's office even when they will not miss a class during the absence.



Attendance: Excusing and Exempting Absences

Notes may be dropped off in the main office or emailed to Ms. Rachel James 

If a student is absent from school due to illness or emergency, the parent or guardian must call the attendance secretary at 801-517­-2142 or email Ms. Rachel James,  by 9A on the day of the absence. It is necessary to follow up with a note within 48 hours of the absence. The note must contain the date, the student's full name, an explanation of the absence, dates and times of the absence, parent name, contact information, and a signature.


If the absence was medically necessary and the student wishes the absence to be exempt from the excessive absence rule, the student should bring the physician’s authorization to the dean's office within 48 hours of his/her return to school. After 48 hours all absences will be considered unexcused. Families should plan travel and other activities for school holidays. In the event of an emergency when travel is necessary during school time, the student should obtain a planned absence form from the dean's office and complete it at least one week before the absence. Absences may affect a student’s grade, including any grades given for participation. More than six absences in any class for the quarter will result in failure for that class.


Planned absences are counted as absences and are not exempt. Students who go on college visits and can provide some form of documentation to the dean's office as proof of their visit can receive up to two exemptions per quarter upon submission of documentation. Students must be present for all semester final exams during the scheduled final exam period. The only excuse for missing the scheduled exam period is a medical exemption with documentation from a physician.