Planned Absences and Vacations

Planned Absences and Vacations
Families are strongly encouraged to plan travel and other activities for school holidays, and to review the school calendar first. Family vacations are excused absences, not exempt. Please review the Student/Parent Handbook for policy details as it outlines Judge’s policy for excessive absences from class. The student who misses more than six sessions of a class during one quarter, without prior authorization from the Dean’s Office, will receive a failing grade in that class for the quarter. Final exams are scheduled for the last three days of each semester, and must be taken at the scheduled time. Vacations or planned absences should never be scheduled during this exam period. Students who miss a scheduled semester exam will receive a zero for that exam. Parents and students should check the Judge Memorial website, electronic correspondence, and postings around the school for scheduled exam dates and time.
In order to receive authorization, a completed planned absence form (available in the Main Office) must be completed and submitted to the Dean’s Office at least two weeks before the planned absence.

The Student Services Committee will review the request and decide whether the planned absence should be exempt from the excessive absence rule. A decision in the student’s favor does not guarantee a passing grade in the class, especially where class participation makes up a significant portion of the grade.

  • Teacher Work Days:  October 14 and October 20, no classes
  • Fall Break:  October 21
  • Thanksgiving Break:  begins Nov 23; classes resume Nov 28
  • Christmas Break:  begins Dec 22; classes resume Jan 4