Judge Book Drive

Judge Book Drive!

The Judge English faculty are taking the lead on modernizing our book collection in our library. Our library will be undergoing major changes this spring and summer and we are looking forward to greeting students in the fall with not only a newly refurbished space, but a sprucier book collection we hope will be inviting to all.

We currently have some excellent fiction and nonfiction titles, but it's not quite as up-to-date as we might hope. We'd love to ask Judge families if they might consider donating some recent titles to our collection. If you have a few books lying around that you finished and don’t plan to keep, please send them with your students and ask them to drop them off in their English classrooms. You could also leave the books in the front office.

We'd love to ask you to only send in books that are relatively new. We do have plenty of the classics. However, if you have fiction from the last 30 years or so which you have enjoyed, but don't have a place for at home, please send them in! Anytime between now and the end of the school year would be great.

Don’t feel obliged to send just “literature!” Genre fiction -- science fiction, crime, graphic novels, etc. -- is also welcome. We’d love to get more Margaret Atwood and Colson Whitehead, but Neil Gaiman and Tana French are welcome too!!!

Thank you!

The Judge English Faculty