Bulldog Parent Ambassadors

Judge Memorial Catholic High School

Bulldog Parent Ambassadors

2020-2021 Position Description


Bulldog Parent Ambassadors* (BPA) at Judge Memorial Catholic High School support the outreach, recruitment, and retention of prospective and current families to increase the school’s capacity to grow and maintain a strong sense of community. Along with the Director of Admissions, BPA will serve during the school year and summer to support and promote Judge within the Salt Lake Valley and beyond.



Bulldog Parent Ambassadors will have the opportunity to represent Judge at a variety of events throughout the school year. BPA will have a primary focus of welcoming and interacting with students and families to promote Judge and build community. Examples of events include:

  • Privately Hosted Info Nights

  • New Student Orientation

  • Transfer Student Orientation 

  • Parent Teacher Conferences 

  • Judge Open Houses

  • Class Year Socials and Retreats

  • Incoming Freshman Testing and Registrations 

  • Incoming Family Outreach and Connections 

  • Current Family Outreach and Connections 

  • New Bulldog Social 

  • Community Events 

  • Other Opportunities



The role of a Bulldog Parent Ambassador is a significant and impactful position that can greatly influence enrollment, and should be taken seriously. BPA should reflect the best that Judge families have to offer, and should represent the school in a genuine, honest, and transparent manner.

  • Ambassadors will be available for quarterly meetings in person at the school and virtual meetings as needed

  • Ambassadors will be knowledgeable about academic, social, physical, and spiritual activities and events at Judge and who to refer for more details

  • Ambassadors will represent Judge and themselves appropriately and maturely at all times

  • Ambassadors will meet their annual 15 hours of service specifically through BPA events



Interested? Please contact John Michael Pantlik, Director of Admissions, 801.517.2129, jmp@judgememorial.com

*Note: BPA is a separate organization from the Judge Parent Association (JPA).
For more information on JPA, contact Susan Lollini at 801.517.2166 or