Skyward & Canvas Instructions


Skyward is the official gradebook for the course. All grades for a student will appear in Skyward. Every assignment grade and all term grades will appear in Skyward.

Here’s how to access Skyward and your student’s grades:
  • FIRST, visit Judge Memorial’s Skyward page
  • From the login screen, click on “Forgot your Login/Password?”
  • THEN, enter your email address, specifically the one you gave to the school.
  • You will then be emailed a link to create/reset a new password.
  • NOW, after creating a password, you will have access to your student’s Skyward account and official gradebook.  
Teachers use Canvas as a tool to post assignments and distribute lesson resources for student access. Any assignment that requires student preparation (i.e. test, homework, etc.) will be entered into Canvas. If an assignment is based solely in class and requires no resources (participation) then it can be put directly into Skyward. Canvas may have individual assignment grades, which will also appear in Skyward, but will not be used in final grade calculation.

Becoming a Canvas “observer” offers parents a way to keep an eye on their student’s assignments, so that they can help their student turn in work which is complete and on time. Observers do not have the power to change or modify an assignment, just to “observe.”

Here's how you do it:        
  • Ask your student to login to their Canvas account.
  • They should then click “Account” on the left side of their main page and then click “Settings.”
  • You will then see an option called “Pair with Observer.”
  • Click on that and a short six digit code will appear.
  • Copy it.
  • Visit Judge Memorial’s Canvas page
  • At the top of the page, click where it says “Need a Canvas Account?”
  • Then, when the new page loads, click at the bottom where it says “Parents sign up here.”
  • Next, fill in all of the required information to create your own Canvas account.
  • When you reach the box that says “Student Pairing Code,” paste in the code that you copied earlier.
  • You have your own Canvas login and password.
  • When you login, click on “dashboard” and you will be able to observe your student’s courses.  This will help you assist your student to reach their full potential at Judge Memorial.
  • For more detailed instructions and screenshots go to: