Four Day In-Person Instruction

To the Judge Memorial Catholic High School Community,

Thank you for providing valuable feedback regarding the safety protocols, academic supports, emotional supports, and adaptations that we have made throughout the year.  Your input has been extremely valuable. 

Expanded In-Person Learning Opportunities
Beginning on March 15, the first day of the fourth quarter, Judge Memorial will be moving to 4 days of in-person learning for our students.  We are transitioning away from the hybrid model.  Wednesdays will continue to be our distance learning day.  This was highlighted in the surveys from both students and teachers as an important day of preparation while supporting our students’ mental health.  The four days of in-person classes correspond with the other schools in the Salt Lake Diocese.

Block Scheduling
We will continue to follow the block schedule.  The survey supported that longer periods with fewer transitions provided a safer physical environment and was impactful in reducing stress.  The weekly schedule will remain the same.   

In-Person Group Events
The highest priority event was the outdoor graduation ceremony.  We are in the process of planning this outdoor in-person event.  We will be hosting the Commencement Ceremony in the McCarthey Stadium on the originally scheduled date, May 23.

We are working to host events such as Baccalaureate, Prom, Junior Pin Ceremony, End of Year Awards Ceremony, and others.  We fully embrace the importance of in-person community events.  We plan to host these events in the safest manner possible.

Safety Measures
By March 15, the majority of our faculty and staff members will be fully vaccinated.  We are grateful that educators in the state have been prioritized for the vaccine.  Mask wearing will continue to be required for all on campus. 

Fully Online Students
We understand that there are circumstances that will require some of our students to remain fully online.  Parents may make this request for their students.  Please let Dean Carr,, know by March 10 if you intend to go fully online.  We will continue to have Zoom options for these students. 

Thank you for the valuable feedback and I look forward to expanding the in-person learning opportunities.

With appreciation,

Patrick Lambert

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam