Fall 2020 Reopening FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Masks and Other PPE
  • Judge Memorial will require and provide all students and faculty with two reusable masks. These masks are a two-ply cloth mask with a filter pocket. Judge will have masks on hand for guests that do not arrive with one.
  • Students may wear his/her own mask if it is a higher grade mask and deemed appropriate.
  • Students and faculty may wear face shields but are required to wear a mask as well.
  • For maximum effectiveness, masks should be washed daily and never shared.
How many students will be in each classroom each day?
  • Judge will have a maximum of 20 people per class session in a classroom, which includes the teacher. Most classrooms will be used four times per day but cleaned between classes.
What will social distancing look like in the classroom, during passing periods, and in the cafeteria?
Judge Memorial will make a number of adaptations to provide a safe environment for our students, faculty and staff:
  • Classroom spacing and arrangement of desks for maximum distance
  • All desks and common areas in classrooms will be sprayed and wiped at the end of each class
  • Seating charts for all classes and meetings
  • Increased use of outdoor classrooms as weather allows

  • Halls and stairways will have designated directions and will be clearly marked
  • Signage, floor decals, tape etc. has been installed to ensure social distancing measures
  • Increased faculty/staff in the common areas to remind students of distancing guidelines
  • Cell phones must be kept in backpacks or lockers at all times
  • Water fountains will be accessible for bottle-filling. Students will be encouraged to bring their own reusable water containers

  • Cafeteria services will provide boxed lunches only
  • Vending machines have been discontinued
  • Additional eating locations will be designated for lunch periods with social distancing markers for all tables in the cafeteria
May a student opt-out of in-person instruction and choose online only?
  • Parents should contact the Dean of Students Mr. Tim Carr, at tcarr@judgememorial.com to request online only instruction.
Will parents be notified if a student, faculty member, or staff, test positive?
  • Judge is following guidelines established by the State Board of Health available in the Utah COVID-19 School Manual
  • Procedures will be followed from this manual. In short FERPA and HIPAA regulations are clear about disseminating health information about individuals. We have been in daily communication with the Salt Lake County Board of Health (SLCBH). Positive results will be reported to the SLCBH and they will follow up with everyone who has been exposed to the virus according to guidelines established in the Utah COVID-19 School Manual.
  • Each school has a designated Point of Contact (POC) to insure oversight of the Board of Health regulations. The POC for Judge Memorial is Dean of Students, Mr. Tim Carr.
Will Judge close if ANY student, faculty member, or staff, test positive?
  • We will follow the guidelines established by the State Board of Health. Those procedures can be found on pages 22-26 in the Utah COVID-19 School Manual
Will hand sanitizer be provided or will each student be responsible for his/her own?
Our faculty has received education and instruction in personal hygiene procedures. These include:
  • Each classroom will be provided with disinfecting sprayers, paper towels and hand sanitizer pumps.
  • Students are encouraged to carry and use their own hand sanitizer throughout the day.
  • The frequent handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds will be encouraged as often as possible.
  • Students will be reminded to avoid handshakes, high fives, hugs, and face touching.
  • We will provide additional sanitizing in classrooms and common areas.
  • High-touch surfaces, especially handrails, counters, desks, bathrooms, etc. will be cleaned frequently throughout the day.
Have any changes to the building's air filtration/HVAC system been made?
  • Fortunately, the system is relatively new and obviously improved from the original 1960 design. We will be following the guidelines from page 58 of the Utah COVID-19 School Manual
Who makes the decision regarding a staff person or student being sent home because of symptoms of COVID-19?
  • The decision will be made in consultation with the Salt Lake City Health Department (SLCHD). Initially, the decision will be made by our POC in consultation with a COVID-19 administrative team that has been established at the school in order to respond quickly and efficiently.
Will a student displaying symptoms be isolated until a parent/guardian can pick he/she up from school safely?

What guidance will Judge follow for students, faculty, or staff who have traveled out of state and/or to areas where a significant community outbreak of COVID-19 is present? Will there be a mandatory leave?
  • In compliance with the Utah COVID-19 School Manual, page 90, there are no State of Utah travel restrictions. It will be highly unlikely that faculty or staff travel outside the state. 
When will a student, faculty, or staff member be permitted to return to Judge if a close contact/household member tests positive?
  • This information is available on page 40 of the Utah COVID-19 School Manual. A mandatory 14-day quarantine is the minimum requirement. The schools POC will also monitor the return in close consultation with the SLCHD.
Will students have access to their lockers, or should they plan to carry a backpack with them at all times?
  • Every student will be assigned a locker. Seniors will remain on the first floor in Senior Hall the rest of the students have been spread out for maximum distance between the lockers occupied on specific days. We would prefer that students limit their locker visits as these are some of the most challenging areas to clean.
What will the daily schedule look like while in the Orange phase? (Periods 1-4 only and Periods 5-8 only on alternate dates)
  • You can click here to go to the Distance Learning Resources page to see the current schedule.
What precautions are in place to mitigate risk for teachers, especially high-risk teachers?
  • Two-ply cloth masks are provided for each teacher in addition to face shields and Plexiglas desk shields being available.
  • Each class will get disinfecting wipes, disinfecting sprayer, paper towels, and a hand sanitizer pump for the teacher’s desk.
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