Student Class Schedules & Textbooks

Parents and Students:
We are opening class schedules for the 2020-21 school year for you to view. Please follow the steps below to complete the Acknowledgement/Agreement first. You will then be able to open the student schedule.
 1.  Login to the primary parent or guardian account at
      If you are new to Judge, access codes and passwords were emailed to the email addresses listed on the application form.
      If you have forgotten your password go to:  URL: Click on: Forgot My Password
2.  Click registration and emergency contact form the left side menu bar.
3.  Review and update any necessary information in the section Student Information.
4.  Click the Next Step button located in the right side menu bar of the screen.
5.  Read carefully the below six agreements and authorizations. Type your name in each field under each policy to signify that you agree to each policy and authorization. 
The Barnes and Noble College Bookstore (formerly MBS) is also open to order and/or rent textbooks for the coming school year.
Below is the link:
This website will then direct you on how to order textbooks.
Please contact the main office if you have any questions.