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Virtual Graduation - Alumni Videos Request

Class of Our Class of 2020 graduating seniors will be having a virtual graduation this year due to COVID-19. To help make this year’s celebration as memorable as possible for them, we are asking all alumni to record a short video message that we can share with these graduating seniors. We plan to include and share your messages during our recorded virtual graduation and on social media channels. 

Please submit your video by Friday, May 29 to following the guidelines below:

In your 15 second recording, please respond to the following prompts:

  1. Tell us your name, your class year, where you live (if you would like your company and title)
  2. Say Congratulations to the Class of 2020 and why you are so proud of them.

When taking your video, please:

  • Keep your congratulations to 15 SECONDS OR LESS.
  • Record your video horizontally.
  • Position yourself facing a window or outside. If there are bright lights behind you, please turn them off.
  • Record somewhere with limited background noise, so we can hear you clearly.
  • Look into the camera lens and tap your face on the phone so the camera will focus and expose correctly for your face.
  • Leave a little room above your head and aim to include at least your head and shoulders in the frame.
  • If possible, or helpful, ask someone to hold the camera for you.
  • If possible, wear red or gold and show your Judge pride!


If you prefer to write a message include:

  • Your name
  • Graduating year
  • One or two sentences congratulating the Class of 2020 graduates. (We will use your yearbook photo)

Please send all video’s and messages to