Response to COVID-19 » Teacher Appreciation Week (Virtual)

Teacher Appreciation Week (Virtual)

THANK YOU to all our incredible teachers especially during these special circumstance requiring distance learning!
Department Highlights During Distance Learning


  • Maggie had a beautiful baby AND set up an impressive structure for our long-term sub, Shivani Lindmeir, to be able to succeed 
  • Chris is holding individual conferences with small groups of students to improve their writing
  • All members of our department would like to acknowledge the counselors and admins who are working with us to make sure all students are being reached and are still learning
  • The literary magazine staff is creating this year's publication virtually
  • The Bulldog Press staff is documenting their COVID-19 experiences
  • Participation is terrific in English 10 with 50 or 51 of the 53 students completing assignments each week
Foreign Language Department
  • According to the data in our last PLC meeting our department shows an upward trend on grades as well as on assignment completion. Half of the department holds live zoom classes daily and half uses other methods of delivering instructions including canvas,, flipgrid, Passport etc.  
  • Great efforts have been made to keep track of students who are falling behind and coordinating with parents and counselors to do everything possible to help every student.  
  • Physics: students in both honors and regular physics working in groups and several are doing their own zoom meetings/other and sending Dr. Atherton screenshots as proof of working together
  • Earth Systems have done two “lab” activities where they recreated waves using slo-motion videos.  Using rope, slinky’s, Jenga pieces or whatever, students were able to identify the characteristics, properties and diffraction patterns of waves
  • Honors Chemistry students have participated in small group Live Zoom Q&A discussions
  • Chemistry: "at home" labs that are group projects requiring shared google slideshows that are shared during Thursday ZOOM. Special guests include Dr. Clarke
  • Next week it is the mentos geyser (with parent permission)
Social Studies
  • Dianna is doing Zoom review folders
  • Google drive reviews for her classes   

  • Teachers are doing discussion boards

  • I also score using AP guidelines so that students can see how it works

  • By having them do these as Google Docs, I am preparing them to use this method for the exam.  By now they all feel comfortable writing on Google Docs in real time

  • Seeing some surprising students really excel during distance learning
  • Being able to chat with students individually to work out their questions

  • Some of the work we've received has been really impressive and high-caliber

  • The support from students and faculty really feels like a community looking out for itself

  • The Fine Arts department is having an end of the year virtual talent show
  • The Dance Department is working on creating virtual content for dance concert
  • The Theatre Department has teamed up with counseling to create morning mindfulness videos
  • Students in the Fine Arts are continuing to create art -- submitting pieces, dances, monologues, songs, music online
  • Two of our members have created YouTube pages and created video lectures
  •  Students presented major presentations to their peers via Zoom
  • Megan is rocking Flipgrids each week
  • Weekly Zoom check-in meetings for both content discussion and Q&A
  • Celina is meeting with her class each week in small groups via Zoom