B.S. in Applied Mathematics, University of Utah
Connor James joined the Judge Community mid-year in 2020 to teach Algebra I, Geometry, and AP Statistics. Recently, he has also taken on an additional course, College Prep Math. Previously working as a GED Teacher at Metro County Jail, Connor was more than excited to expand his student base and help college-bound high school students with his specific skill set.
Being born and raised in Salt Lake City, Connor has found joy tutoring math in his hometown since he was in seventh grade. What started out as a way to help his peers pass algebra quickly morphed into a passion that he still has to this day. There’s a good chance you may have come across him in his many positions instructing through places like Mathnasium, The Tutoring House, Salt Lake School District, Granite Peaks, and more! 
Over the years, Connor has tried many different hobbies and activities from skateboarding to performing stand-up comedy but the thing he loves most and comes back to most often will always be mathematics. Currently, he is studying general topology and abstract algebra in his free-time and loves to work on some of his favorite problems from number theory like the Euler Brick.