• M.A. in Teaching, University of Portland PACE Program
    • B.A. in History, University of Portland


Awards and Honors:

  • Vanport Mosaic Festival, Presenter
  • Phi Alpha Theta History Conference, Presenter
  • James T. Covert Leadership in History Award



  • Cross Country + Track


Anthony Vitali grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, attending Catholic school throughout elementary, middle, and high-school. He then attended more Catholic school at the University of Portland to study biology. Soon, however, Mr. Vitali began to realize that teaching was his true calling. After he spent some time tutoring students at a nearby high-school, he understood that he felt more alive in those moments than working on anything else.


Mr. Vitali decided that teaching history would be his best combination to help create a more just society. While obtaining his history degree, he worked as a Campus Volunteer Coordinator, bringing University of Portland students into several Portland schools to help with no-cost tutoring, mentoring, and after-hours teaching. He also worked as a college-radio DJ and ran a show named “Lettuce Turnip The Beet” playing a mix of modern jazz on Wednesday evenings.

Upon graduating, Anthony was accepted into the PACE (Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education) Program at the University of Portland to earn his master’s degree in the art of teaching. In the program, Mr. Vitali was placed in a teaching community on O’ahu and taught high-school history for three years, confirming his belief in the emancipatory power of history education. After earning his master’s degree, Mr. Vitali returned to the mainland to be a teacher at Judge Memorial.
Outside of being a teacher, Mr. Vitali loves to be, well, outside! Whether trail running, biking, or bouldering, the outdoors is truly the best place to be for Mr. Vitali. He also has a very good dog named Zella and is newly married to Mrs. Bailey Vitali, a 3rd grade teacher at St. Vincent dePaul.