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Ultimate Frisbee Overview

Ultimate Frisbee contact:  Ms. Natalie Smith,

Coach Smith began playing ultimate decades ago as a student at VA Tech and was recently voted the 2018 UUDA Boys Second Team All-State Coach.
The Judge Memorial Catholic High School Ultimate Frisbee team is co-ed and welcomes new members for practice and to play in area tournaments. Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact team sport played with a flying disc on a field with end zones. Players will learn to throw, catch, and cut to advance the disc to their end zone and may also learn to layout for a sick D on the opposing team. 
Judge Memorial Ultimate Frisbee placed 7th at Utah State Tournament!! 


Congratulations to Judge players Ed Ryon and Will Selfridge on being voted onto the Utah Boys First Team All-State for 2018.

2017 - 2018: Judge Memorial Ultimate Frisbee placed 7th at the Utah State Tournament
2016 - 2017: Judge Memorial Ultimate Frisbee Team placed 8th in Regionals after winning four straight games.


Ultimate Frisbee is one of the fastest growing sports in the world - it’s played at youth, college, and club levels around the world. If you haven’t seen the game, this is what you should know about Ultimate:

  • It’s a non-contact sport in which players move a frisbee disc down the field toward an end-zone. You cannot run with the disc. If your team is on offense with the disc and drops it, or the defense catches it, the defense (now offense) attempts to score on their goal going the other way.

  • There are no refs. This is one of the most unique parts of ultimate and one thing that draws players to the game. Players on the field are responsible for making their own calls and working it out on the field. This encourages quiet people to speak up and loud people to listen. Things happen when refs aren’t looking -allowing each player to make calls helps preserve the integrity of the game.

  • The cutting, passing and movement on the field make ultimate a great training and crossover game for most sports.  Successful teams run hard which improves aerobic capacity.

  • Ultimate in the US is governed by USAUltimate which sponsors tournament events, provides coaches with trainings, conducts background checks, oversees rostering of teams and defines the rules of the game. If you participate in the High School playoff series in Utah, you must become a member of USAU. Costs are about $35 for calendar year. Find out more about USAU here (

  • Utah also has a governing body for ultimate which deals with local tournaments and events, organizes league play and manages other issues. Find out more here


  • Ultimate at Judge is a club sport. That means that students help set the goals and practice sessions for the club as well as take on leadership roles on the field, in organizing uniforms, recruiting and disseminating information.  Usually the team practices once a week and attends 2-3 in state tournaments per season.
  • Fall ultimate is coed. Seven players are on the field at once, so the gender split is 3 /4 of some kind.
  • Spring ultimate is different with an open league (anyone can play on these teams) and a girls only league.  Judge has not had a girls team yet, but that’s one of our 2019 goals!
  • Players are allowed to play ultimate and another sport. You just need to work out your schedule with the coach.


  • Team fees are usually around $75-100 for the season and are finalized when the tournament schedule is set. This covers shirts, practice field costs and tournament fees.
  • If we play in USAU tournaments, each player joins USAU for under $40 for the year.
  • You don’t have to have cleats, but they are extremely helpful.
  • Scholarships are available.

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