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Sponsors and Donors

Thank you for supporting Judge Memorial’s
2018 Annual Gala and Auction

Together we raised over $216,000!


Thank you to our many wonderful Auction sponsors:



Jerry Seiner Dealerships


Big D Construction

Cyrq Energy

The Payne Group of Wells Fargo Advisors –
Daniel & Vanessa Payne

Jones Waldo Attorneys

 Thomas & Andrea Kendell

 Jim Scarcelli ‘87 & Cody Adams ‘88

 Jerry Anderson & Gina Gregovich
Katie Carlson & Peter Frech
Brian & Jill Conner
Jorge & Carolynn Daskalakis
Dane & MJ Falkner
Jim & Laura Gibbons
Todd & Debbie Hopkins
Ragu & Shalini Kasturi
Joel & Bonnie Kittrell
John Liston & Amy Albo
Paul & Melanie Lyon
Brian & Meridee Moore
Matt & Leslie Morton
Michael & Angela Petrogeorge
Cody & Selena Young 


Individual Supporters of Judge Memorial

Cody Adams

Mary Jo Ahlin and Dane Falkner

Kuol Ajak

Carlos and Gail Alamilla

Michael Albo

Dominic and Ginny Albo

Wendell Alcorn

John and Nymfa Allem

William and Elizabeth Allen

Mary K. Allred

Cheryl and Joe Alter

Jerry Anderson and Gina Gregovich

Daniel L. Andrus and Rev. Cheryl Moore


Dean and Beth Athens

Rick and Nancy Augustine

Annette Ausseresse

Raquel and Jedd Austin

Ronald E. Babcock

Russ and Linda Bachmeier

Brett and Michelle Backman

Anne and Tom Backstrom

William and Rhonda Bader

Paula Badgett

Leah H. Baker

Frederick Baker

Lance Ball

Dr. Carole Baraldi

Mary L. Barber

Douglas and Jill Barnhart

Camille G. Barraclough

Jennifer Bass

Zach and Kelley Beaudry

Matthew Becker

Brian and Sarah Behle

Bernadette and Barry Bell

Anne Marie and Dennis Bellew

James Bennett

Bill and Vicki Bennion

Wade and Marcey Bennion

Colleen Bentley

Carl Benvegnu

Claire and Michael Benvegnu

Sidney and Charlene Bereskin

Shirley Berg

Jonathan Bernal

Chris Bertram and Debbie Dujanovic

Louise Best

Michael M. Bettin

Lou Bierwert

Rev. Monsignor Colin F. Bircumshaw

Celeste and Thomas Black

Marie L. Black

Denise and Barry Blackett

Roy and Lois Bloebaum

Russ and Michelle Bonacci

Ken Bonacci and Kerri Gustafson

William and Heather Bonn

Brent Bonny

Marie Bott

Todd and Patricia Bradley

Patricia and Steven Bradley

Richard and Grace Brandt

Susan and Todd Brashear

Evelyn Brashear

Susan Bratton

Mary Brennan

Clara and Paul Brennan

Margarita Brothers

Glen Brown

Charles Brown and Susan Nagata-Brown

Kevin Brown and Betsy Meinhardt

Ross and Andrea Brunetti

Jerry and Cynthia Burchett

Rey Butcher and Lillie Garrido-Butcher

Alison C. Butler

Thomas and Rose Calame

Margaret Callahan

Thomas and Shirley Callanan

Rachael Camden

Pamela Camp

Marcie Cancio

Anthony J. Caputo

Cathy Caputo Hoskins

Katherine Carlson and Peter Frech

Lisa Carricaburu and Robert Maxfield

Angela and Ray Carter

Maureen and Mark Casper

William and Kristina Causse

Ronald and Denise Cazares

Jon and Emily Cervino

Mike Charnholm and Linnea Lundgren

Dean and Allyson Child

John Chunga

Andy and Lynn Cier

Audrey Cisneros

Louis J. Cisz

Susan and Mike Clinton

John Clinton

Bryan Close

Daniel and Melissa Clyne

Anthony and Susan Cole

Syd Colessides

George and Miranda Collard

Dawn Colledge

Howard and Paula Colman

Connie Colosimo

Kevin and Rebecca Condas

Ralph and Vera Conner

Steven Corbato

Gilbert Cordova

Jerry and Gerry Coupe

Kristin and Jason Cowan

Dannette and Allen Crooms

Noemi Cruz

Alba Cruz and Mark Glick

Daniel Cunningham

Rhett Curry

Kelly K. Curtis

William and Amy Cutting

Christine and Henry D'Angelo

Kevin and Neysa Daley

Leslie Daniel

Paula and Joseph Dare

Carolynn and Jorge Daskalakis

Amy Davis and Butch Adams

Russ and Donna Davoren

Stephanie Dawson

Traci Dean

Mary DeBernard Burbank

Gerri Decoteau-Bohm

Guy and Patricia DeLong

Reverend Martin Diaz

Helen and Richard Dibblee

Steve and Vicky DiGregorio

Patricia Dixon

Joanie and Russell Dobesh

Gary and Kirsten Dodge

Mark and Rhonda Dodson

David Peter Dolowitz

Mike and Maura Domeier

Sharon Donovan

Charles and Kristine Dover

Ronald and Debra Dreitzler

Randy and Carrie Drown

Becky and Fred Duberow

Michael and Beverly Dusserre

Robert and Chel Dylong

Leslie Morginson-Eitzen

Judith A. Eagan

Maureen Eckroth

Christopher and Rhea Eggert

Patricia Eisenman

Art and Wilma Elizondo

Joe and Jane Empson

Tom Erbin

Sean and Sara Erickson

Rob and Julie Eriksson

John and Lin Eugster

Steve Evanoff

Terry L. Evans

Mike and Lisa Ewing

Ron and Mary Ann Fakler

Roger and Carol Fallon

Richard and Joy Fassio

Nicole Fernandez-Seoane

Bruce and Monica Fery

Sean Fessenden

Cindy Fey

Rev. Monsignor J. Terrence Fitzgerald

F Alan and Lynda Fletcher

Jessie and Taya Flores

Tanya Florin and Heath Chung

John Forsberg

Robert and Magdalene Foster

Cynthia Fowler and Nathan Anderson

Madeline Francisco-Galang and Romeo Galang

Brendan Friar

Kevin R. Fry

Jim and Shauna Fuoco

Robert Gamble

Devan and Alicia Garcia

Rick and Corinna Garcia

Greg and Jean Gardner

Richard and Rose Mary Gaspari

Dan and Brooke Gaztambide
Jeanne Gemmell
Irma and Emiro Geraldino

Shiban and Silvia Ghabash

Jenifer and Mike Gibbons

Dr. Gerald Gleich and Dr. Kristin Leiferman

Jim and Edna Gonzales

Susan Goodwin

Mike Gorrell and Kathleen Brown

Joyce Gorrell

Ted and Natalie Grandy

Debbie Graves

Doug and Anne Gray

Ryan and Caitlin Greenberg

Ingrid and Matthew Griffee

Richard and Jacquelin Griffin

Christopher B. Griggs

Aaron and Heidi Grohs

Jefferson and Jodi Gross

Kraig and Judy Grubaugh

Pamela Grubaugh-Littig and William Littig

Melissa and Kurt Guseman

Paul Hadley
M. Hafeman

Bernard and Judith Hale

William and Susan Hall

Jon and Marci Hall

Margaret Hall and Jerry Lanchbury

Kay Hamilton

Ashley Hamilton

Colleen and Kris Hammond

Peter and Beth Hanlon

Angie and Ronald Harrell

Patricia Harte

Bernadette Hayes

Laura Hazel

Richard and Kori Hazel

Mary K. Heath Meyer

Margo Heath-Chiozzi

Joe and Kathleen Hebert

Sandy and Chris Hemmersmeier

Richard Henkels

Timothy and Monica Hight

Zachary and Pamela Hildebrand

Benton and Marilyn Hildebrand

Catherine Hill

Paul T. Hill and Alice Helldoerfer

Laurie Hipley and Zane Robertson

Dean and Rise Hirabayashi

Scott and Melissa Hoge

Christopher Hohmann and Erin Groscost

Mark and Theresa Holden

Douglas and Janann Holmes

Greg Hopkins

Tina Hose-Sumner and George Sumner

Dasch and Megan Houdeshel

Kathy Houdeshel

Marc Houdeshel

Brent and Lori Howa

Jodi Ann Howard and Michael Brown

David and Paula Howe

Sue and Mike Huberty

Virginia Huffman

William and Margaret Humeniuk

Doug and Jane Hunsaker

McCown E. Hunt

Art Hurtado

Robert Imhoff

James and Sandy Ivers

Tyler Jack and Ann Marie Leone

Roger and Lisa Jackson

Margaret and Robert Jahries

Laura Jarvis and Gregory T. Horn

Joan Jensen

Janelle Jensen Veteri and Anthony Veteri

Scott and Peggy Jerome

Paul and Teri Jewell

Patricia Jewkes

Daniel and Tiffini John

Paul Joklik

Michael and Mary Jones

Daniel and Jane Jones

Eleanore and Ronald Jorgensen

Gerald and Dorothy Kaffer

Connie S. and Jack Kaleel

Marie Kane

Anna Kasabyan and Dallas Bowles

Kathleen Kaufman

Jim and Maggie Kearns
Wesley and Jean Keller

Michael Keller

Michael and Martha Kelly

Ray and Joyce Kelly

Lisa and Rick Bouillon

Vicki Kennedy Overfelt and Mark Overflet

Peggy Kershner and Deacon Lynn W. Kershner

Sue Kimball

Lesley and Kevin Kinney

Betty and Wayne Kirk

Annette Kirts

Kris and Mike Kladis

Stephanie Klein

Jim and Hermione Klekas

Andrew and Lorraine Kocik

Irene E. Kramer and Rabbi Scott Kramer

Angella L. Kriens

Denise Kruse

Robert and Cathy Lambert

Edward and Marilyn Larrabee

Stacey C. Larrinaga

Rachel Larrinaga

JoAnn and Buzz Larson

Lou J. Larzelere

Harriet Lawrence

Darold and Patti LeClaire

Howard and Nancy Lemcke

Kathleen and Frank Leonard

Tina and Fred Lewis

Stephen Lewis and Collette Ausseresses

Marita Lewis

Joe and Jennifer Libin

Robert Lien and Katherine Chadey

JoAnn and Larry Lighty

Susan and Joseph Ligori

William and Nancy Liston

Stephen Little and Lori Haines-Little

Diana Loafman

Louise and Donald Lochhead

Richard and Susan Lockwood

Roberta Lopez

Beverly Lords

Bob and Rae Lortsher

Charles Loughridge and Jenny Mackenzie

Lisa Louie and Paul Cisneros

Tom Lovat

Dan and Suzanne Loveland

Michele and Phillip Luper

Gerald Lynch

Melanie and Paul Lyon

James and Diane Mackin

Thomas and Diane MacPhail

Stevan and Anne Madrigal

Kevin Madsen

Crystal and Chuck Maggelet

Lynn and Alexa Maland

John and Ann Malooly

Bill and Judy Manca

Justin P. Manchego

Frances Marcus-Madsen and Paul Madsen

Mary Marinac

Mary Jo Marker

Kim Marshall and Jerry McTeague

Mike and Mary Marushack

Joanne Mayo

Msgr. Joseph M. Mayo

Matt and Heather McAfee

Dominique K. McCarthey Aragon and Eric Aragon

Erin McCormack

Michelle McDonough and Chris Gose

Mike McDonough

Peggy A. McDonough and Patrick Jan

Michael McGinley

Hugh and Sheila McGirt

John McGirt

Rosie and Ryan McGuire

Leslie and Barry McIntyre

William and Kay McNamara

Carol Menotti Oliver

Joe and Joyce Merritt

Ruben and Vivian Mesa

Edward and Marguerite Middendorf

Edward Mika

Mary Jean and Kobi Miller

Steve and Gina Miller

John E. Miller

Jorge and Mitzi Minjarez

Joan and Mart Mirka

Stanislaw and Barbara Misiewicz

Thomas and Cyndi Mitchell

Lisa and Bret Monsler

Anne Mooney and John Sprano

James Mooney

Thomas M. Moore

Geraldine and Dan Moose

Bill J. Moran

Anne and James Morgan

Laura Morin

Craig and Joy Moseley

Helen and Daniel Moser

Peggy Moyer

Michael and Suzanne Mozdy

Christopher and Katie Muck

George Mulligan

Joyce Munson

Stanley and Marianne Myles

Jonathan and Paula Naatz

Kenneth and Katie Naylor

Kim and Suzanne Naylor
Donald Nelson

Leslie and David Nelson

Greg and Sandi Neville

Margaret and John Neville

Mark and Becky Neville

Walter and Nancy Newlin

DiAnn and Gary Nichelson

Karen and James Nichols

Elaine Nicolaysen

Art and Sarah Niemann

Richard Nigro

Jay and Tamra Nilson

Tim O'Brien

Joe and Therese O'Meara

Kelly O'Sullivan

Evelyn Odegaard

Patricia Offermann

John and Charlotte Oliver

Regina B. Oost

Gregory Orme

Dan and Jeanie Overman

Robert Owens

Gerald O. Pando and Sandra Arroiave

Jeff and Linda Paoletti

Cynthia Papadopoulos

Charles and Mary Parker

Heidi Parmelee

Steven Payne

JoAnna M. Pedroza

Christine Perfili and Jim Schnitter

Amy and Richard Pernich

Lauri and David Perry

Gary Perryman

Todd and Sheila Peterson

Wayne Pflueger

Jay and Judy Pierce

Jason and Tracy Pierce

Elizabeth Pinsonault

Donna Pollard

Keith and Susan Pope

Lisa Poppleton

Kris and Marcus Porter

Barbara Poulsen

Richard and Jackie Powell

Dan and Kierra Powers

Jess and Riley Pratt

Barbara Pringle

Paul and Patricia Purcell

George and Karen Raine

Susan and Gregory Rausch

John and Patricia Ravarino

Richard and Kathryn Ray

Dewey and Kari Jo Reagan

Frank and Shirley Redle

Michael and Jen Reed

Robert Rees

Mary Reeves

Katherine Reeves Lords

Gray and Glenda Reynolds

Charles and Polly Reynolds

Sara Rich and Anders Kierulf

Carrie Richardson and Phil Vincent

Mike and Joan Richardson

Paul and Daisy Richardson

Alfonso and Johie Rico

Fr. Vincent J. Rigdon

Benjamin Roa and Kathy Franchek-Roa

Nancy Roberts

Joan Roberts-Tice

John and Gayle Robinson

Ann Robinson

Kent and Brenda Roche

Kathleen and Mike Rodman

Catherine E. Rokes-Cowdin and Dr. Hugh Cowdin

Don and Diane Roney

Sharon L. Roper

Shaylin K. Rose

Mary Roser and Jim Micallef

Patricia Roser

Wayne and Jenny Ruemmele

Theresa and David Russell

Barbara Russo and John Steffen

Jane N. Saarela

Melissa and Patrick Sanchez

Nick and Valerie Sasich

Joseph and Ann Sasich

William and Sue Sause

William and Linda Sayre

James and Melina Scarcelli

Vincent and Joyce Schile

Robert and Kim Schovaers

Shirley Schultz

Julie Scott

Leigh and Sandra Sedgwick

Christopher and Linda Segura

Martha Seiner

Sharon Seiner

Donald and Sandra Sessions

Adam and Kristi Sessions

Pam Sewell

Genevieve Sheesley

Kim and Steve Shemwell

David and Katherine Shepard

Claude and Alice Sherry

Steven Shubella and Lori Zuti

Jason Shum

Peter and Stephanie Silas

Vicky and David Simpson

Bernard and Margaret Sloan

Alex and Heather Smith

Aaron Smith and Katie Moose

Daniel and Jacci Snow

Chris and Diana Sonne

Margaret Spencer

Brandy Stanfield-Nagel

Michelle Sticka

Tony and Laura Stireman

Catherine and Christopher Stokes

Michelle Stokes and Craig Schmidt

Maria Stokes

Anthony and Misti Stone

Jesse Stuart

Keith and Sydney Stuck

Augustin and Anna Suchar

Julie Sutton

Ted and Sandra Sweetland

Bill and Dolores Taylor

Tim and Daren Taylor

Ryan and Amy Taylor

Jerald Taylor and Edna Anderson-Taylor

Paulette and Fred Tedesco

Lisa Tedesco Rose

Katherine A. Thompson

Bess Thompson

Mark Tippens

Ron and Marie Tippets

John R. Tobinski

Christine L. Tobolski

Jim Toner

Richard and Gigi Trentman

Richard and Ann Trentman

Gina Trentman-Williford and Lee Williford

Edward Trosper

John and Barbara Trosper

Danny and Chris Trujillo

John and Mary Kay Turner

Curtis and Karen Turner

Darlene and Ivan Turpin

Thomas and Linda Turpin

Marylynn Ulibarri

John and Tracey Valentine

Leslie Valeo

Stephanie and Andrew Van Uitert

Lance and Cristal VanDongen

William and Melanie Ventura

Ben and Amy Vigil

Albert and Patricia Vitale

Joseph and Elizabeth Walz

Austin Wang

Austin Wang

Michael and Mary Ware

Jennifer and Rick Wathen

Ingrid Westphal-Kelson and Paul Kelson

Grant and Karen Weyman

Patrick Whalen

Rev. and Mrs. Sam Wheatley

Pat Whelan-Fulton and Robert Fulton

Darin and Summer Widmer

Walt and Patricia Widmer

Virginia M. Williford

Lawrence Wilsak and Nancy Hornyak

Lyle and Cindy Wilson

Jean M. Wilson

John and Lynn Wilson

Cody Winchester

Seymour and Carol Winter

Dennis and Betty Winters

John Wise and Liana Hathaway-Wise

Jeff and Azure Wolfe

Tammy Wootton

Gretchen Wuerch

David and Jacqueline Wyllie

Chris Yannelli and Marissa Diener

Cody and Selena Young

Susan G. Young

Brian and Kimberley Young

Danny Yu

Joe and Beth Zaelit

Heather and Frank Zang

Guy and Mary Zimmerman