Judge Counseling

The School Counseling Center offers social/emotional, academic, college, and career counseling to all students. The counselors at Judge Memorial Catholic High School follow the philosophy that each individual is a child of God, endowed with many and various gifts. Counselors are available to meet with students and their parents on an individual basis.
Counselors can help students:
  • successfully transition to high school
  • create an academic four-year plan
  • discover and maintain organizational strategies and study habits
  • cope with personal, social, and emotional issues
  • navigate the college application process
  • explore post-secondary and career options
Counselors work closely with the administration, faculty, and parents to help fully develop each student’s potential. Students are assigned to their counselor for four years and have the additional expertise of College Counselors. Parents are encouraged to notify counselors of any experiences or situations that may affect their student’s behavior, emotional health, or academic progress. 
To request an official transcript from Judge Memorial, contact Jamie Scholl in our School Counseling Office at 801-517-2141. 
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