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College Planning Checklist for 9-10 Grades

Freshman Year
  • Have your Individual Planning Portfolio meeting with your school counselor. This plan leads you through your high school years.
  • Take the most rigorous academic schedule possible.
  • Get involved in the extracurricular activities that reflect your interests.
  • Be serious about your grades, attendance, and punctuality, all of which are important factors when applying for college or employment.
  • Assemble a file documenting the nature and dates of your achievements and activities in and out of school.
Sophomore Year
  • Take the most rigorous academic schedule possible, this year and when registering for junior year courses in the spring.
  • Examine your interests, aptitudes, and activities, and continue to assess your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Take the ASPIRE in October during the all-school test day.
  • Explore careers that might match your interests and abilities through the PLAN results.
  • Meet with your school counselor to update your Individual Planning Portfolio.
  • Explore summer opportunities (courses on college campuses, work experiences, volunteer experiences, travel, etc.).