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Code of Conduct

Judge Memorial Catholic High School exists to provide a high quality college preparatory secondary academic education within a diverse Christian atmosphere. In accordance with our mission statement, Judge Memorial Catholic High School will create a community through faith and education that will foster the development of each students' gifts.

The School publishes and upholds a Student Code of Conduct in order to foster community, to protect both individual rights and those of the community, and to help students become more self-directed and self-disciplined.

Following the Gospel mandate to create a Christian community of justice and charity, our school recognizes that students are to receive fair and impartial treatment as well as clear and honest explanation for actions taken in their regard. By responding to students in violation of rules clearly, consistently, justly, and without delay, we hope to articulate that we will not condone inappropriate behavior and will respect the dignity and uniqueness of all Judge students. Whenever a problem arises, the policies of the school are followed, in conjunction with the directives of the Catholic Schools Office of the Diocese of Salt Lake.

Once a student is admitted to Judge Memorial, parents/guardians and the student enter a contractual agreement to abide by the policies outlined in the Judge Memorial Guide, including those contained in the Code of Conduct.

The school seeks a cooperative and trusting relationship with each student’s parent or guardian. In accordance with the Administrative Handbook for the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Salt Lake, the school reserves the right to dismiss a student whose parent or guardian “has been uncooperative with the school staff, policies, regulations, or programs, or has interfered in matters of school administration or discipline to the detriment of the school’s ability to serve that child or other children.” The school is particularly concerned about parental dishonesty pertaining to a student’s attendance or behavior and about parents who serve, or allow to be served, knowingly or by neglect, alcohol or illegal drugs to Judge Memorial students.