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Christian Service

"How marvelous it would be if … each of us could say:

today I have performed an act of charity towards others!"

~ Pope Francis

Students may login to:
to record service hours, find service opportunities, and verify their service hours.

CRISTO Christian Service Program: Christ Revealed In Service To Others
Mission Statement: The mission of the CRISTO – Christian Service program at Judge Memorial Catholic High School is to engage our young men and women in practices of service to others. Our hope is to transform our Judge students to live their lives in solidarity with others. As a faith-based community, our students will learn what it means to truly love their neighbor through a variety of opportunities to serve family, church, school, and community.

Students will submit their complete and verified hours online at Additionally, each quarter, Judge students will be updated through Skyward with the number of hours they have successfully completed, which means that the student has served the required hours, completed the associated reflection, and submitted the needed verification of completed service hours. Service and reflection count 10% of each student's quarterly Theology grade. Hours are due at the end of each quarter. Service done in the summer is counted toward the coming year’s requirement and must be in the areas of service for that grade. The quarterly updates do not remain on the permanent record; the final grade is posted at second semester and recorded on the student’s transcript.
  • Freshman - 15 hours of service for friends, family, and neighbors
  • Sophomores - 25 hours of service for a church/place of worship and/or school
  • Juniors - 30 hours of service at THREE different approved nonprofit organizations; ONLY ten of the 30 hours may be completed at a school or church.
  • Seniors - 45 hours of service at ONE approved nonprofit organization
For questions on service, or to list an opportunity, please email: 
For a list of approved nonprofit organizations logon to

Service Hour Deadlines:
  • October 18, 2018 - End of First Quarter 
    1/4 of service hours completed and submitted for all Grades
  • December 21, 2018 - End of First Semester (Second Quarter) 
    HALF of service hours completed and submitted for all Grades
  • March 7, 2019 - End of Third Quarter
    ALL service hours completed and submitted for Seniors 
    3/4 of service hours completed and submitted for Grades 9-11 
  • May 3, 2019 
    ALL service hours completed and submitted for Grades 9-11
Students will be graded on their service hours commitments and reflections for each quarter. 
Service Opportunities
Service opportunity for freshman, sophomore, and juniors:
  • Round Up Auction at Our Lady of Lourdes 
    • What – Babysitting for this event
    • When – Saturday November 17th 5:30 to 10:30 PM
    • Contact – Chelsea Springer; 
CRISTO Christian Service General Policies
Service to our families, schools and churches, and the wider community is a great Bulldog legacy, and we uphold it with pride through the CRISTO program.
However:   If a student fails to complete the required hours according to the above standards, a Failure is reported at second semester on the report card, permanently recorded on the student’s transcript, and no graduation credit is awarded.
Students will be given three weeks to have their service hours verified. If after three weeks the hours are not verified, the hours will be denied. The student must then RESUBMIT, not edit, the hours to get them verified.

Students who have failed to receive CRISTO graduation credit must complete make-up hours through the CRISTO – Christian Service office. Service hours and theology service assignments already completed during the year will not count towards the make-up of a failure. Once the makeup is completed the graduation credit is earned but the transcript grade remains a posted failure.
All service hours must be at approved placements. When working at approved agencies, students must complete approved work.
No late hours and reflections will be accepted. Absences on the due dates must be excused. Documentations of hours as well as reflections must be turned in before the due date in the case of planned absences including school sports/activities.

Consequences of False Reporting
Any falsifying or misrepresenting hours, emails, or anything related to the students’ service requirements, will be handled through the Dean’s Office. The Dean and the Service Coordinator in compliance with the Judge Memorial Code of Conduct will determine the consequences. Examples of false reporting, but not limited to:

  • Documenting hours completed before the actual service work occurs
  • Inflating hours
  • Claiming to work at a place but not doing so or at a place that does not exist
  • Claiming hours that have not been performed
  • Falsifying a reflection
  • Code of Conduct violations committed during service work
If for any reason a student is removed from a service agency, any hours completed will be voided. In the case of seniors, students must secure a new contract and begin all hours again.
CRISTO-Christian Service hours must be completed outside of the student’s scheduled classes with the exception of service retreats and service partnership projects pre-scheduled through the service office.
Students may not be paid money while completing their service hours, and students are not allowed to complete their Christian Service hours at functions that serve alcohol.
CRISTO Christian Service Graduation Requirement
The CRISTO – Christian Service Program is an integral part of the Judge educational experience. Students will earn one credit hour per year for successfully completing the required hours. Student must successfully complete four CRISTO – Christian Service Program credits to graduate. To receive graduation credit each year, the student must meet the minimum CRISTO – Christian Service Program graduation requirement for their grade level. 

If the student did not complete their hours in a previous year, those hours must be completed by the following year. Hours will only be approved if they fit the parameters of the particular grade level. Students will not graduate if service hours are incomplete at any grade level.

Presidential Service Award
We are pleased to continue our participation in the President’s Volunteer Service Award program as a Certifying Organization. This Award is a presidential honor that recognizes the valuable contributions of volunteers nationwide who are answering the call to serve others through their current volunteer activities or lifetime service. As a Certifying Organization, we will identify eligible recipients, verify their service hours, and distribute the Award to outstanding volunteers.

Given our students' ongoing service activities, many may already meet the requirements to receive the Award. Additionally, eligible volunteer service hours are not limited to those performed on behalf of students' required Christian Service hours. In fact, service hours can be accumulated through work on a variety of projects throughout the year. Visit the Presidential Award page at: for instructions, along with the link to submit the essay.