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Christian Service

"How marvelous it would be if … each of us could say:

today I have performed an act of charity towards others!"

~ Pope Francis

Christian Service Program: Christ Revealed In Service To Others

Mission Statement: In forming students through “cura personalis,” or care for the whole person, the Christian Service Program exposes students to living out the tenets of Catholic social teaching, rooted in the person of Christ, through service to and solidarity with others. 

Student Service Requirements: Students of Judge Memorial High School will complete at least 100 hours of service by the time they graduate. Specific amounts and types of service are expected for each grade level. Students have the opportunity to complete 5 hours each fall through our school wide Christ the King Service Day, for 20 hours total over their 4 years. The requirements for each grade level are listed below:

Freshmen – 20 hours of service for friends, family, neighbors or community (5 may be completed on Christ the King Service Day)
Sophomores – 20 hours of service for faith or school community or a nonprofit organization (5 may be completed on Christ the King Service Day)
Juniors and Seniors – 60 hours of service must be completed by the end of first semester of senior year. A minimum of 40 of these hours must be completed through one, preapproved nonprofit organization working in direct service with a marginalized population (10 hours may be completed through Christ the King Service Day during  junior and senior years,. And an additional 10 may be completed through their school,  faith community or community nonprofit organization)

For questions on service, or to list an opportunity, please email:

Christian Service General Policies
  1. Students will not graduate if service hours are incomplete at any grade level.
  2. Consequences of False Reporting
    • Any falsifying or misrepresenting hours, emails, or anything related to the students’ service requirements, will be handled through the dean’s office. The dean and the service coordinator in compliance with the Judge Memorial code of conduct will determine the consequences. Examples of false reporting, include but are not limited to:

      • Documenting hours completed before the actual service work occurs

      • Inflating hours served

      • Claiming to work at a place but not doing so or at a place that does not exist

      • Claiming hours that have not been performed

      • Falsifying a reflection

      • Code of conduct violations committed during service work

  3. Christian service hours must be completed outside of the student’s scheduled classes with the exception of Christ the King Service Day and service partnership projects pre-scheduled through the service office.
  4. Students may not be paid money while completing their service hours.

Presidential Service Award

We are pleased to continue our participation in the President’s Volunteer Service Award Program as a certifying organization. Click here for instructions, along with the link to submit the essay.
For more information specific to each class and service commitment and verification forms, please click on the correct class: