Campus Safety

Campus Safety

All visitors, including parents/guardians and family members, are to report to the main office upon arrival. An identifying badge will be distributed to the visitor, and the visitor must keep the badge visible at all times while at Judge Memorial. In accordance with the Judge Memorial Catholic High School Emergency Action Plan, and to promote and maintain a safe environment in the event of an emergency:
  1. Students are to follow the procedures set forth in the Judge Memorial Emergency Action Plan as directed by the school administrator for safe schools.
  2. In an emergency, students will follow the directions given to them by any staff member. Failure to follow this direction will result in a serious infraction.
  3. In the event of an emergency evacuation students must report to their assigned evacuation area. Attendance will be taken and reported to the Dean's Office. No one is to leave the staging area until released by the principal or incident commander.

Cancellation of School

The principal, in consultation with the superintendent, will make the decision to cancel school (or hold a late start) for severe weather or other emergency situations. Announcements will be posted to Twitter (@JudgePride), the Judge Memorial website, and, if time permits, Facebook (Judge Memorial Alumni page) and via emails to parents. Additionally, the information will be distributed to these media outlets: Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News, KSL, Fox News, ABC4, KUTV­2 (be sure to check the media outlet’s posting date to verify the current date). As time permits, as available, the announcement will be distributed via the school emergency notifications system.

Diocesan Weapons Policy
For the safety of children, employees, member of our schools and parishes, and visitors, weapons (concealed or visible) are not allowed to be carried onto the school, church, or other diocesan properties/buildings. An exception is a local, state, or federal officer.

Judge Memorial is an Animal-Free Facility
Judge Memorial Catholic High School is an animal free facility. Out of respect to all attendees, and as a safety precaution, only guide, signal, and service animals are allowed inside Judge Memorial and all school grounds or property including and not limited to McCarthey Stadium and all other field of play. No other pets or animals are permitted.
Judge Memorial is a Smoke-Free Facility
Judge Memorial Catholic High School is a smoke free facility. Judge Memorial complies with the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act and the Utah Secondhand Smoke Amendments passed by the Utah State Legislature in order to protect Utahns and visitors from the toxic effects of secondhand tobacco smoke. This includes all school grounds or property and is not limited to McCarthey Stadium and all other fields of play. Electronic cigarettes are likewise prohibited.
McCarthey Stadium Reminders
The Judge Memorial community is deeply grateful to the McCarthey Family for their support and takes great pride in our spectacular McCarthey Stadium. Thank you for remembering the following parameters for all use of the facility. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy high school sports in our spectacular McCarthey Stadium!
  • Please help us by showing true sportsmanship for the competitors, coaches, officials, and fans.
  • Please clean up after yourselves.
  • Please report any problems or suspicious activity to the facility staff.
  • Out of respect to all attendees, and as a safety precaution, we respectfully reiterate that only guide, signal and service animals are allowed inside McCarthey Stadium and on the Judge Memorial grounds. No other pets or animals are permitted.
  • Outside food or drink is not permitted inside McCarthey Stadium. Support our student organizations and purchase concessions at the game.
  • Most importantly, be safe, have fun, and enjoy the action.