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Technology: Bring Your Own Device

Judge Memorial's “Bring Your Own Device” Initiative

To be able to live, learn, and work successfully in our information-rich society, students must be able to utilize technology effectively. Many students’ lives today are filled with technology that gives them ubiquitous access to information and resources, enabling them to pursue their interests in their own way and at their own pace. The opportunities are limitless, borderless, and instantaneous. 

In trying to determine what is the most effective tool for learning, it has become clear, that while having access to the Internet and web tools increases student engagement and collaboration, tablets and smartphones do not have the same benefits as laptops. They are often seen as a fun, entertaining device, and the screen size and lack of keyboard limit their capabilities. Alternatively, laptops keep the benefits of technology in the hands of the student, while decreasing the distractions caused by smartphones in the classroom. Laptops also enable the downloading of Ebooks, which are typically less expensive than textbooks.

In an effort to provide optimum learning opportunities in the classroom, students are required to bring a laptop to school every day to be used in class. We recommend that parents consider one of the new inexpensive Windows 10 based laptops for their students, because of their low cost, long battery life, and generally small size. Apple Mac computers will also be acceptable, especially if you already own one of these. If you are buying something new, please consider cost, durability, battery life, size, and weight as factors when making your purchase. See below the minimum specifications with information on operating systems. Please Note: Students who will be attending Judge for the 2022-2023 school year, should have a windows or mac laptop as we will be phasing out the Chromebooks. Windows laptops can be found for around $200 dollars at BestBuy and other online and in-store retailers or by contacting our Microsoft representative directly at  

Minimum Specifications:
·       Apple Mac or PC laptop,
·       Minimum of 4 hours run time on battery
·       4GB of RAM for Windows and MacOS based computers
·       WiFi adaptor that supports 802.11 a, n or ac standards at 5GHz. 

(There will not be wireless coverage for 2.4GHz standards. Please check the specifications before purchasing)

Supported Operating Systems:
·       Microsoft Windows 10
·       Apple Macintosh OS X versions 10.9 or newer

Educational Activities
Student laptops may be used to access resources, complete assignments, and for personal organization. These devices are learning tools and will be used to enhance the learning experience and expose students to online resources. The use of the device is at the sole discretion of the teacher. Unless specifically allowed by instructor, phone use is not permitted during class.  

Safe and Secure
To maintain a safe and secure learning environment, a filtered Internet connection will be provided for students. Students will not be permitted to use a personal broadband connection such as a 3G/4G phone network. Any unauthorized use may result in the device being confiscated. Judge Memorial is not responsible for any data or app charges that a student may incur from a service provider.
Students are solely responsible for their device. They must bring their own device to school fully charged and ready to use every day. Similar to other personally owned items, Judge Memorial is not liable for loss, damage, misuse, or theft.
Technical Support
Resources will be provided to help students connect their device to the school network. Students must be familiar with how to use their own device. Teachers will not be expected to provide technical support.
Please direct any questions to Lars Andersen,
For those families where this would present a financial burden AND have already qualified for tuition assistance, contact Carol Smith or Kathy Keller in the Judge Memorial Finance Office at: 801-363-8895, ext.177 or 125.