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Annual Award Honorees

Christ the King Award for 2019
“In recognition of outstanding dedication and zeal to the service of God and School.”

The Christ the King Award is the highest award Judge Memorial bestows during the graduation season. Two seniors are nominated by the Judge Memorial faculty and staff, as individuals who bring life to the philosophy of our school in their academic and extracurricular involvement … in their moral actions and attitudes at school … in their interaction with their peers … their involvement in parishes and communities.

The faculty & staff of Judge Memorial Catholic High School are pleased to announce the

2019 Christ the King Award recipients:  

Olivia Haddadin and Christopher Clyne


The Faculty and Staff of Judge Memorial Catholic High School are pleased to announce the following recipients honored at the Annual Awards Celebration, held on April 29, 2019 in the Judge Memorial Auditorium. This Awards Celebration recognizes outstanding achievement in academics, activities, and athletics, for all classes, seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshman. We are very proud of our students! We thank you for joining us as we gather as a community to celebrate their accomplishments.


Bishop of the Diocese of Salt Lake City Award

for Outstanding Scholar-Participant in Activities

Emma Graham

Christopher Clyne


Bishop of the Diocese of Salt Lake City Award

for Outstanding Scholar-Participant in Athletics

Amy Robinson

Joseph Paul


Triple 'A' Award

for Outstanding Achievement in Arts, Academics & Athletics

Lindsey Morton

Carlos Padilla


Linda Simpson “Bulldog of the Year” Award

for Outstanding Dedication in Extra-Curricular Activities

Lauren Larson

Jacob Frausto


Knights of Columbus Awards:

Bill Moran Award for Football

Johnny Walz


Jim Yerkovich Award for Basketball

Mack Tarver, Jr.


Marjorie Pierce Award for Outstanding Female Athlete

Olivia Haddadin


Frank Klekas Award for Outstanding Male Athlete

Alex Snarr


Alumni Alliance Scholarship Award

Katherine Evans

Pauline Simonson


Demi Candelaria Scholarship Award

Liliana Anderson

Brecklyn Jones


The Linda Simpson Scholarship Award

Oriandy Molina Dominguez 


The First Ascents Scholars Program Scholarship Award

Mary Ndeze

Yulissa Padilla 


The Blessed Oscar Romero Scholarship Award
Ruby Gutierrez

Joseph Izamouye

Carlos Padilla

Angelica Rodriguez


Daniel's Scholarship Award

Jacob Frausto


U.S. Air Force ROTC Scholarship Award

Sidnee Campbell


Monsignor J. Terrence Fitzgerald “Champion of Youth” Award

Kim and Joe Snarr


Senior Class ~ Class of 2019


The Cathedral of the Madeleine Parish Awards for the

Grail Chapter of the National Honor Society

Christopher Clyne, Valedictorian

Gwendolyn Orme, Salutatorian


National Merit Scholar Recipient 

Gwendolyn Orme

Christopher Clyne


First Honors

These top ten graduates are recognized for achievement in A.P. and Honors courses.

Christopher Clyne

Ari Elorreaga 

Lindsey Morton

Olivia Rollman

Sante Di Sera

Skye Fredericks

Gwendolyn Orme

Isabell Vasquez-Echols

Amani Jammoul

Amy Robinson


Sacred Heart Parish Academic Award for Excellence in AP Studio Art

Jacqueline Muffler


Academic Award for Excellence in Computer Science

Alex Junkins


St. Martin de Porres Parish Academic Award for Excellence in Dance

Ryan McCoy


St. Martin de Porres Parish Academic Award for Excellence in Men’s Dance

Treyvon Sidberry


Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Academic Award for Excellence in English

Judge Kearns


Blessed Sacrament Parish Academic Award for Excellence in French

Reese Francone


Our Lady of the Snows Parish Academic Award

for Excellence in Journalism, newspaper

Cicely Foley


St. Therese of the Child of Jesus Parish Academic Award for Excellence in Latin

Logan Seat


Academic Award for Excellence in Mathematics, AP Calculus

Charlie Berceau


Academic Award for Excellence in AP Statistics

Anthony Robinson


St. Marguerite Parish Academic Award for Excellence in Instrumental Music

Jessica Mulder


St. Marguerite Parish Academic Award for Excellence in Vocal Music

Cheryl Winters


St. Mary of the Assumption Academic Award for Excellence in Peer Ministry

Reese Francone


Academic Award for Excellence in Physical Education

Daniil Tchistiakov


Academic Award for Excellence in Science

Anna Shum


St. Vincent de Paul Parish Academic Award for Excellence in Science, Edison Award

Casey Randazzo


St. Ann Parish Academic Award for Excellence in Social Studies

Eric Hall


Academic Award for Excellence in Social Studies, AP Psychology

Hanzheng  Qi


Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Academic Award for Excellence in Spanish

Katherine Kranz


St. Francis Xavier Parish Academic Award

for Excellence in Theater

Alex Junkins


St. Francis Xavier Parish Academic Award

for Excellence in Technical Theater

Jesus Balcazar


St. Patrick’s Parish Academic Award for Excellence in Theology

Grace Schmidt


Junior Class ~ Class of 2020


Excellence in Art

Lindsay Weyman


Excellence in Biology

Yulisa Padilla


Excellence in Computer Science

Joseph Thomas


Excellence in Dance

Lindsey Morton


Excellence in Men’s Dance

Deng Deng


Excellence in English

Ari Elorreaga


Excellence in French

Bo Xuan Zhang


Excellence in AP Government and Comparative Politics

Olivia Rollman


Excellence in Latin

Katie McGirt


Excellence in Mathematics

Gwendolyn Orme


Excellence in Instrumental Music

Jacob Haertel


Excellence in Vocal Music

Sera Cazares


Excellence in Physical Education

John Hunt


Excellence in Physics

Christopher Clyne


Excellence in Science

Alexandra Soran


Excellence in Science, Sagan Award

Sante Di Serra


Excellence in Social Studies

Gwendolyn Orme


Excellence in AP Spanish

Gwendolyn Orme


Excellence in Theater

Magdalene Condas


Excellence in Technical Theater

Carter Causse


Excellence in Theology

Mariah Trujillo


Sophomore Class ~ Class of 2021


Excellence in Art

Christina Valentine


Excellence in Computer Science

Madelyn Bossarte


Excellence in Dance

Audrey Nagasawa


Excellence in Men’s Dance

Maxwell Brown


Excellence in English

Jayme Mintz


Excellence in French

Ronata Ibrahim


Excellence in Latin

Michael Stokes


Excellence in Mathematics

Ellie Suenga Han


Excellence in Instrumental Music

Cooper Williford


Excellence in Vocal Music

Kaila Bunting


Excellence in Physical Education

Yu-Chieh Lin


Excellence in Science

Christina Valentine


Excellence in Social Studies

Michael Stokes


Excellence in Spanish

Christina Valentine


Excellence in Theater

Joshua Ben-Baba


Excellence in Technical Theater

Riley Bouillon


Excellence in Theology

Natalie Risse


Freshman Class ~ Class of 2022


Excellence in Art

Kathleen Malooly


Excellence in Exploring Computer Science

Andrew Hall


Excellence in Dance

Madison Hopkins


Excellence in English

Alisa Kasabyan


Excellence in French

Jentrie Gordy


Excellence in Health

Anthony Souter


Excellence in Latin

Alisa Kasabyan


Excellence in Mathematics

Mia Schmidt


Excellence in Instrumental Music

Sara Cremer


Excellence in Vocal Music

Katherine Bellew


Excellence in Physical Education

Emily Gonzales


Excellence in Science

Lauren Cook


Excellence in Social Studies

Lucius Anderson


Excellence in Spanish

Micah Wedemeyer


Excellence in Theater

Sophie Davies


Excellence in Technical Theater

Jamisin Manzanares


Excellence in Theology

Samuel Fedor


Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross Award

Most Inspirational Participant in Athletics 

Baseball: Sanjay Kasturi

Girls’ Basketball: Emily Malouf

Boys’ Basketball: Got Daw

Cheer: Lauren Mitchell

Boys' Cross Country: Christopher Clyne

Girls' Cross Country: Madison Tartaro

Football: Alex Snarr

Boys’ Golf: Ethan Iverson

Girls’ Golf: Meredith Gross

Boys’ Lacrosse: Daniel Payne

Girls’ Lacrosse: Emery Lloyd

Boys’ Soccer: James Colling

Girls’ Soccer: Lauren Larson

Softball: Alexandra Soran

Boys’ Swimming: Christopher Athens

Girls’ Swimming: Olivia Vandersteen

Boys’ Tennis: Joshua Sneddon

Girls’ Tennis: Olivia Anderson

Girls' Track and Field: Allison Ryan

Boys' Track and Field: Michael Stokes

Girls’ Volleyball: Meredith Gross


Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross Award

 Most Inspirational Participant in Activities

Adventure Guild: Joseph Izampuye

Archery Club: Margaret Wilson

Bowling Club: Griffin Mozdy

Bulldog Press: Joseph Izampuye

Dance: Lauren Mitchell

Debate: Emmy Darling & Katherine Evans

Drama: Anika Weaver

Environmental Club: Jayme Mintz

Epicurean Club: Peter Larrabee

Interact: Aubrey Hendarto

Junior Classical League: Gracie Clinton

Kickball: Cameron Lundy

Literary Magazine: Katie McGirt

Mock Trial: Magdalene Condas

Robotics: John Matthews

Student Council: Carlos Padilla

Technical Theatre: Tarek Amer

Ultimate Frisbee: John Pernich & Margaret Wilson

Boys Volleyball: Cooper Morton

Yearbook: Emily Harris


Vicar General of the Diocese of Salt Lake City Award

Most Outstanding Performance in Athletics

Baseball: Alexander Carrillo

Boys’ Basketball: Mack Tarver, Jr.

Girls’ Basketball: Teya Sidberry

Cheer: Lindsey Morton

Boys' Cross Country: Joseph Hill

Girls' Cross Country: Allison Ryan

Football: Ethan Mitchell

Boys’ Golf: Graham Hodell

Girls’ Golf: Annette Rooney

Boys’ Lacrosse: Johnny Walz

Girls’ Lacrosse: Sophia Bartlit

Boys’ Soccer: Joseph Paul

Girls’ Soccer: Jillian Nelson

Softball: Olivia Haddadin

Boys’ Swimming: Alex Yannelli

Girls’ Swimming: Hailey Grandy

Boys’ Tennis: Luke Pearson

Girls’ Tennis: Katherine MacPhail

Boys' Track and Field: Zachary Petrogeorge

Girls' Track and Field: Kaya Heideman

Girls’ Volleyball: Marley Rosello


Vicar General of the Diocese of Salt Lake City Award

Most Outstanding Participant in Activities  

Adventure Guild: Katie McGirt

Archery Club: Lindsay Cruz-Chunga

Bowling Club: Christopher Athens

Bulldog Press: Amaia Horyna

Dance: Lindsey Morton

Debate: Jacob Belzer

Drama: Katelynn Smith

Environmental Club: Gwendolyn Orme

Epicurean Club: Emily Leary

Interact: Gwendolyn Orme

Junior Classical League: Erica Strand

Kickball: Lauren Larson

Literary Magazine: Christopher Clyne

Mock Trial: Jacob Haertel

Music: Cooper Williford

Robotics: Erica Strand

Student Council: Jacob Frausto

Technical Theatre: Michael Eggert

Ultimate Frisbee: Christopher Athens & Grace Jensen

Boys Volleyball: Riley Bouillon

Yearbook: Pauline Simonson


Class of 2019 Honor Graduates

William Anderson     Christopher Athens     Djivan Black    Sophie Campbell 
Carter Causse     Sera Cazares     Christopher Clyne     Magdalene Condas
Isabella Coronado     Diana Cruz-Chunga     Lindsay Cruz-Chunga     Sante Di Sera
AlexisDiGregorio     Anna Drossos     Ari Elorreaga     Patricia Estrada
Ethan Firth     Jacob Frausto     Skye Fredericks     Madeleine Gatzambide
Emma Graham     Hailey Grandy     Ruby Gutierrez     Olivia Haddadin
Jacob Haertel     Thomas Cole Hazel     Audrey Hendarto     Ethan Iverson
Ai Jammoul     Meredith Jones     Kasandra Katsanevas     Lauren Larson
Grace Lee     Katherin MacPhail     Peter Mannebach     Katie McGirt
Abby McGowan     Lindsey Morton     Griffin Mozdy     Jillian Nelson
Nghi (Jennifer) Nguyen     Savannah Nord     Gwendolyn Orme     Carlos Padilla
Yulisa Padilla Fragosso     Christopher Parker     Joseph Paul     John Pernich
Ruby Phillips     Anthony Richardson    Amy Robinson     Angelica Rodriguez
Olivia Rollman     Branigan Roy     Abigail Runnels     Allison Ryan
Salvador Salazar     Kaitlin Sessions     Katelynn Smith     Miles Smith
Matthew Snyder     Alexandra Soran     Joseph Thomas     Mariah Trujillo
Andrew Turner     Ozzie Valdez     Isabell Vasquez-Echols     Anika Weaver
Lindsay Weyman     Nicholas Willams     Clara Williamson     Ruby Winter 
Grace Wise     Yuhan (Kevin) Yao     ZongDa (Bill) Yu     Bo Xuan (Jerry) Zhang