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Judge Alumni Giving Back: Alumni Alliance Scholarship
In 2007, Judge Memorial alumni Jesse Stuart ‘84, Liz Lockette ‘84, and Dan Beck (Eichwald) ‘85 teamed up to launch a Judge Memorial Catholic High School permanent scholarship endowment fund.
Although all three alums had been thinking about the concept individually, the 20th reunion for the Class of ‘84 served as the catalyst toward bringing the three together and moving the conversation forward. Then, and later, as the friends reminisced about their time at Judge, the friendships and fun, the discussion became more serious and started to center around the quality of education and level of opportunities that were part of their Judge school experience.
Liz Lockette describes her experience at Judge as “a really good education.” She has lived on both coasts, and currently says she “always runs into other alumni and the school is always well regarded.” Dan Beck describes his take on giving as “an obligation” based on the “sense of value” of a Judge education.
Later, when these alums tried to contribute to a permanent scholarship endowment fund they found that nothing existed that fit their exact philanthropic wishes. Jesse Stuart considered it important for alumni to help the school move forward and do the “heavy lifting” for things such as establishing a scholarship endowment. And the group committed to do just that. They contacted the Advancement Office at Judge in 2004 to propose their idea and get the process underway. All three believe the Alumni Alliance Scholarship Fund offers fellow and future alumni an opportunity to become a part of the Judge legacy by assisting future Judge students who are academically qualified, but who can't afford the tuition.
The three put forward $10,000 as a challenge grant. Judge Memorial contributed $10,000, and the greater Judge alumni community raised another $10,000 through fundraising. Ongoing donations will be accepted to the Alumni Alliance Scholarship Fund in perpetuity in order to build its corpus and therefore broaden its financial impact on awardees.
Like other Catholic or private high schools, Judge faces significant fixed costs, and the endowment is crucial in insulating the school against any unforeseen financial challenges. A robust endowment also protects Judge from sudden changes in charitable funding as well as variations in other outside sources of income, such as grants from corporations and foundations. Preserving the strength of the endowment requires sound investment management and a constant infusion of new gifts.
Endowments are created through gifts of cash, securities, and real and other property by individuals, corporations, and foundations, and investment proceeds generated by the endowment are used to support institutional programs. The Alumni Alliance Scholarship Fund resides with the Catholic Foundation of Utah, where funds are maintained and invested, with proceeds reported to Judge and its donors annually.
Stuart, Lockette, and Beck hope their decision will serve as a model for all Judge Memorial Alumni in recognizing the need for scholarships. Interested parties can contribute to the Alumni Alliance Scholarship Fund on an ongoing basis by sending their earmarked contributions to Judge Memorial's Advancement Office to the Catholic Foundation of Utah at 27 “C” Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84102.
For more information please contact Susan Lollini, Advancement Director 801-517-2166.