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Admission FAQs

Admission Frequently Asked Questions
Thank you for your interest in Judge Memorial Catholic High School. Our academics, activities, athletics, campus ministry, and Christian Service programs are designed to prepare every student for success, to grow in faith, and to become leaders in the community.

Q.  How may I access a copy of the application for admission?
You may apply online at:

Q. Is there a waiting list to get into Judge?
A. We are currently admitting students in 9th grade who successfully completed 8th grade and who receive a positive recommendation from their principal.
Transfer Students: Current students who successfully complete 9th, 10th or 11th grades, receive a positive recommendation from their principal, and fulfill all requirements comparable to those at Judge Memorial, may be considered for acceptance as transfer students at Judge. A grade point average of 2.5 both cumulative and current, plus a good attendance and discipline record, are required of any student transferring into any grade.
Judge Memorial does not generally accept students making application for their senior (final) year of high school. Students with special circumstances (moving from out of state) may apply for admission and individual consideration will be made.
Q. What is the 2018-2019 tuition policy and fee schedule?
A. For the 2018-2019 school year, the tuition tier scales are 
$12,970 - Tier 1 Tuition: Actual cost to educate a student
 + Registration Fee (and for seniors only, a $125 graduation fee)
$11,800 - Tier 2 Tuition: Formerly known as Regular Tuition 
 + Registration Fee (and for seniors only, a $125 graduation fee)
$10,500 - Tier 3 Tuition: Formerly known as Catholic Tuition 
 + Registration Fee (and for seniors only, a $125 graduation fee) 
$Need Based - Tier 4 Tuition:
 + Registration Fee (and for seniors only, a $125 graduation fee)
Upon acceptance, a $500, non-refundable, registration fee (includes general fee and student insurance) will be due. Families are responsible for uniform and book costs, as well as any fees required for participation in activities and/or athletics. CLICK HERE for more information on Tuition, Fees, and Contract information. Tuition is payable monthly by automatic payment from your bank account through FACTS Management Company. For more information, contact the Finance Office at 801.363.8895 ext. 125, or visit our Tuition page.
Q. What is the process for admission for International Students?
A. Judge Memorial is pleased to offer admissions to International Students. Please contact Director of Admissions, Tim Gardner for more information:, 801.517.2129.
Q. What is the student / teacher ratio at Judge?
A. The student/teacher ratio is 11:1.
Q. What is the average class size?
A. The average class size is 19.
Q. Must I be Catholic to attend Judge Memorial?
A. We at Judge Memorial are proud to represent a cross section of faiths, cultures, and races. It is not required that students be Catholic to attend Judge Memorial. Currently over one-third of our enrolled students are members of other faiths.
Q. How many credits are required for graduation?
A. Thirty credits are required for graduation. Students in grade 9 and 10 carry a minimum of eight full credits each grading term, and students in grades 11 and 12 carry a minimum of seven. The school year is divided into semesters with permanent grades given in January and June. Students must be full-time.
Q. What is Judge Memorial's "code of conduct?"
A. Judge provides a quality secondary education within a Christian atmosphere. Respect for oneself, for one another, for the learning process, and for the physical environment should be the hallmarks of all who form the Judge family. Once a student is admitted to Judge, parents/guardians and the student enter a contractual agreement to abide by the policies outlined in the Judge Guide, including those contained in the Code of Conduct.
Q. Does Judge Memorial offer tuition assistance?
A. A limited amount of tuition reduction funds are available each year. Applications are handled on an individual basis. For more information, visit our Tuition page.
Judge Memorial strives to make our Catholic high school education affordable for our families. Through the generosity of our alumni, families, donors, supporters, and parish communities, we raise funds that keep our tuition costs reasonable while providing our students with a full, rich, outstanding educational experience led by exceptional teachers, coaches, and moderators. Nearly 62% of families currently enrolled at Judge Memorial have received some sort of financial assistance for the current school year.
Q. Will I be just another number at Judge Memorial?
A. The attention to the individual makes Judge Memorial stand out from other schools. Judge features lively, challenging classes where instructors know you as a person. Students get to know the faculty and staff as individuals. These adults serve the students as mentors who are truly interested in helping each student achieve his/her goals. Our faculty and staff consider family members as part of the Judge community and strive for positive, mutually respectful relationships with parents and guardians. Students are encouraged by the faculty and staff and by each other, to become involved in co-curricular activities who share similar interests.
Q. What is the return on this investment in Catholic education?
A. The return on investing in your student's education in a Catholic education are immeasurable. One parent called Judge Memorial a "great environment, where my student is challenged spiritually, academically and athletically, feels comfortable and cared about." Another parent listed a "solid foundation from which good academic habits have been formed, where a moral-based decision making process takes place, and movement toward my child becoming personally responsible for his/her actions in all arenas of life." Yet another said that "the faculty and staff exemplify Christian behavior and values. They hold students accountable to a high standard. Our student wasn't always happy about it, but understands now the importance of aiming high."
Q. How do I request a transcript from Judge Memorial?
A. To request an official transcript from Judge Memorial, contact Jamie Scholl in our School Counseling Office; Phone: 801.517.2141; Fax: 801-328-4418.