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Academic Resources

Study Skills
The School Counseling Office offers Study Skills and Tips to assist Judge Memorial.  Students are reminded to spend time in the Homework Lab or ask for additional assistance from counselors, faculty, staff -- we are here to help!
Get Organized
  • Use your planner to write down assignments; cross each one off as you complete it
  • Use sticky notes to help you remember long-term projects
  • Use color coded folders and/or notebooks
Studying vs. "Doing" Homework
  • Homework is written work that is assigned and turned in to your teacher
  • Studying includes:
    • re-writing your notes
    • making flash cards
    • outlining the chapter
    • creating test questions that help to understand the material being learned
How to Read a Textbook
  • Read headings and turn them into questions
  • Read questions at the end of chapters
  • Write down summaries of what you have read as you go
Helpful Hints from your Counselor
  • Check Skyward on weekly basis
  • Follow up with your teacher(s) when you have questions or miss a class
  • Utilize the Homework Lab; teachers are there to assist
  • Visit the Counseling Center
  • Utilize the Time Planner to help you manage a healthy and balanced schedule and to remain an engaged learner
Additional Resources
Powerpoint on Surviving Finals! Click on the attached file below to download.